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Carbon Black Price in Global Market Overview of The Quarter Ending September 2022

Source:nclirik Posted:2022-10-31
The price of carbon black has risen since 2022. As of September 28, 2022, the average market price of carbon black in China was 10945 yuan/ton (RMB), up 19.96% from the beginning of 2022 and 40.07% year on year. In the short term, the downstream demand for rubber carbon black recovers, the cost side of coal tar is well supported, and the carbon black price is expected to continue to rise. In the long run, lithium battery carbon black has a broad domestic alternative space, bringing new growth space, and the carbon black industry is booming.

carbon black
Carbon Black

North America
With production barriers remaining in place and demand driving prices upward, the market for Carbon Black experienced volatility throughout the 3rd quarter of 2022. Additionally, producers were obliged to choose a price increase because of the huge spike in crude prices and the rise in raw material prices. In addition, price hikes for all main grades of Carbon Black were announced by Orion Engineered Carbons and Cabot Corporation. Depending on the grade and packaging, price increases in the range of USD 200 to USD 400 per MT were announced. The price increase was accompanied by growing feedstock costs, operating expenses, investments in environmental protection, and new investments made to maintain a steady supply of the commodity on the market. Hence, the assessed price value of Carbon Black Hard Grade N220 was USD 3395/MT FOB Texas (USA).
The Carbon Black prices increased consistently in the Asia-Pacific region during the third quarter of 2022, backed by strong downstream demand from tire and automotive industries and escalated raw material prices. In the market under consideration, the price of coal tar as a raw material was skyrocketing with significant cost-side support. Due to most Carbon Black manufacturing companies’ losses and their lack of motivation to begin new productions, there was a shortage of the substance. Although the supply side of the market dominated and increased the price of Carbon Black, demand from the tire industries was weak due to their poor performance in the domestic market. Conclusively, the assessed price value of Carbon Black Hard Grade N220 was USD 2100/MT CFR Tokyo (Japan).
Due to the high price of imports from South Korea and the USA, the market value of Carbon Black increased consistently in the German market during Q3 2022. Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, Russian Carbon Black supplies ceased in the European nations. As a result, Europe began importing Carbon Black at considerably higher prices from South Korea and the USA, which finally increased its value on the German domestic market. In addition, the supply chains were hindered by congestion, berth delays, and vessel bunching in various German ports during September, which reduced the amount of stock available on the market. Meanwhile, In addition, price increases for all main grades of Carbon Black were announced by Orion Engineered Carbons. Additionally, the rise in energy costs was a factor in the price increase for Carbon Black. Hence, the price value of Carbon Black Hard Grad N220 was USD 2732/MT FD Hamburg (Germany).

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