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Superfine Powder Carbon Black Processing Machine

Source:clirikb Posted:2020-04-27

carbon black

Carbon Black Processing


Carbon black is a material produced by the incomplete combustion of heavy petroleum products such as FCC tar, coal tar, or ethylene cracking tar. After be grind, carbon black powder can be widely used in tires and industrial rubber products, plastics, electrostatic discharge compounds, high performance coatings, toners and printing inks and other industries. There are several powder processing machines can be sued in different carbon black powder fineness processing.


Carbon Black Processing Machine---Raymond Mill

carbon black Raymond mill

Raymond mill can be used in including carbon black and other more than 300 kinds of minerals powder processing, such as: calcium carbonate, coconut shell, gypsum, mica and so on. The powder fineness made by Raymond mill can be adjusted between 50-450 mesh. And according to your different powder fineness produce demand, the output can be controlled into the range of 1-20 t/h.

Raymond mill is one of traditional powder processing machines. So compare with other grinding mills, the Raymond mill has a stable working flow, so it’s easier to operate a Raymond mill than other powder processing machines.


Carbon Black Processing Machine---Micro Powder Grinding Mill

carbon  black grinding mill

Micro powder grinding mill can be used in 300-2500 mesh superfine powder processing, generally speaking, the stone powder which more than 200 mesh, we will call it superfine powder. Micro powder grinding mill has 5 different models, the largest output of micro powder grinding mill can up to 45 t/h.

Micro powder grinding mill also be called three ring roller grinding mill, use micro powder grinding mill producing carbon black powder usually has a unify size, because there are 21-42 grinding rollers in the micro powder grinding mill chamber, after continuous grinding by the grinding rollers and grinding rings, the stone powder will has a unify size.


Carbon Black Processing Machine---Vertical Roller Mill

carbon black vertical roller mill

Vertical roller mill usually be used in large output factories, such as: cement plant, paper making factories and so on. Compare micro powder grinding mill and Raymond mill, the vertical roller mill usually be used in a higher hardness minerals processing, such as: slag, cement and so on.

CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill is a new technology vertical roller mill can be used in ultra fine powder processing, the powder fineness made by vertical roller mill can be adjusted between 300-4500 mesh powder processing.


Carbon Black Processing Machine Manufacturer


Shanghai Clirik Machinery is a professional manufacturer of powder processing machines, such as: Raymond mill, micro powder grinding mill, vertical roller mill and so on, besides these, we also can supply the stone crusher, conveyor machines and other stone powder production line machines for our customers. If you are interested in our powder processing machine, you are welcome to leave your message on our website, or contact with us +8618001642498.


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