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Ultra Fine Powder Carbon Black Micro Pulverizer Mill

Source:clirikb Posted:2021-04-07

Micro Pulverizer Mill Processing Ultra Fine Powder Carbon Black Application

Carbon Black

As we all know that the ultra fine powder carbon black can be used in many different areas, for ultra fine powder carbon black processing, the micro pulverizer mill is a pretty good choice. The micro pulverizer mill can be used in powder carbon black 50-3000 mesh grinding, so choose one suitable micro pulverizer mill will make your carbon black sold well.

Carbon black is used in a diverse group of materials in order to enhance their physical, electrical and optical properties. Its largest volume use is as a reinforcement and performance additive in rubber products.

Carbon black is the most widely used and cost effective rubber reinforcing agent in tire components (such as treads, sidewalls and inner liners), in mechanical rubber goods, including industrial rubber goods, membrane roofing, automotive rubber parts (such as sealing systems, hoses and anti-vibration parts) and in general rubber goods (such as hoses, belts, gaskets and seals).

Besides rubber reinforcement, carbon black is used as black pigment and as an additive to enhance material performance, including conductivity, viscosity, static charge control and UV protection. This type of carbon black is used in a variety of applications in the coatings, polymers and printing industries, as well as in various other special applications.


HGM Micro Pulverizer Mill


Carbon Black Micro Pulverizer Mill

Name: Micro Pulverizer Mill(ultra fine grinding mill, micro powder making machine)

Model: HGM

Input size: 15-25 mm

Output size: 300-2500 mesh

Application: the micro pulverizer mill can be used in including carbon black and other more than 300 kinds of minerals powder grinding, such as: calcium carbonate, gypsum, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, mica, barite, marble, calcite, talc and so on.

Use industries: chemical, construction, paper making, cement and etc..



HGM Micro Pulverizer Mill Advantages



1. Micro Pulverizer Mill High Output and Low Energy Consumption


It features high efficiency and low energy consumption, with the capacity more than twice that of jet mills but the energy consumption lower by 30%.

Automatic feedback with fast and stable conversion of finished products; intelligent control, saving labor costs directly.


2. Micro Pulverizer Mill High Fineness


Frequency-conversion control, convenient for the adjustment control, with the one-time finished products D97≤5μm.

The efficient vertical turbine powder classifier can achieve high efficiency, accurate cutting size and no spillover of coarse powder.


3. Micro Pulverizer Mill Heavy Rotor Design and Tight Test Method


The roller and ring are made of special material, so the durability can be several times higher.

The grinding chamber has no bearing screw, able to work stably free of vibration after balance treatment.


4. Micro Pulverizer Mill Environmental Protection


The efficient double powder collecting method of powder collectors and pulse dust collectors is able to achieve good effect in dust collection, which is far higher than the international standard.

The optimized sound insulation room and muffler can effectively prevent the spread of equipment noise.


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