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What is the difference between a crusher and a shredder?

Source:nclirik Posted:2021-08-13
On the basis of the same crushing ratio, what is the difference between a crusher and a shredder?

In simple terms: crusher is to break the material from large pieces to small pieces; The shredder pulverizes small pieces into fine particles (under 20 mesh).

1. For example, jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, heavy hammer crusher, these are crushers:

The feed size is large enough, between 60mm-3000mm, and the output range can be adjusted automatically. Between 3mm-100mm, it is mainly used for the first and second stages of the production line. The wear parts of the crusher are generally made of high chromium steel. In order to resist the crushing and abrasion of bulk materials.  

2. Such as impact sand making machine, professional shredder:

The input material is only 55mm or less, and the output can reach 0.5mm. The production capacity is 40-685t/h. It adopts the double crushing method of stone beating and stone beating. The output particle is round, the grading is continuous, and the powder content is controllable.
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