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What is the crushing ratio of the crusher?

Source:nclirik Posted:2021-08-13
The crushing ratio is the ratio of the size of the stone before crushing to the size of the stone after crushing. Generally speaking, the larger the crushing ratio, the stronger the processing capacity of the crusher.
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How to calculate the crushing ratio? 

There are professional calculation methods for the crushing ratio, which can be divided into three types according to different situations:

1. Granularity crushing ratio: the ratio of the size of the bulk before and after crushing

Calculation formula: 1=larger diameter of incoming material/larger diameter of finished product out of material
Due to different habits, the methods of straightening large-granularity are different. Anglo-American takes the sieve width where 80% of the material can pass through the sieve as the large particle diameter. China and the Soviet Union regard 95% of the material to pass through the sieve hole width as the diameter of the large particle size.
Application object: This calculation method is often used in quarries, because the width of the crusher's inlet is determined according to the large particle size of the ore.

2. Surface crushing ratio: the ratio of the width of the feed inlet of the crusher to the width of the outlet

Calculation formula: 1=0.85B/S (inlet width/discharge width referred to here)
0.85 is the width coefficient of the material contained in the crusher. The value of the width of the discharge port is S: the coarse crusher is different from the medium and fine crusher. The former takes a larger width; the latter takes a smaller width.
Application object: Because this method does not require screening and analysis of large quantities of materials, approximate calculations can be carried out up to the width of the crusher's inlet and outlet, which is simple and fast, so it is widely used in production.

3. Average crushing ratio: the ratio of the average particle size of the material before and after crushing

Calculation formula: 1=average particle size of material before crushing/average particle size of material after crushing
Application object: Because the ore before and after crushing is different in size and shape, the average particle size can be used to represent them. Therefore, the crushing ratio calculated by the average particle size can truly reflect the degree of crushing, so it is mostly in theoretical research. use.
According to the calculation methods of the above three crushing ratios, you can quickly calculate the crusher of the crusher. There are jaw crushers, cone crushers, impact crushers, and heavy hammer crushers that are relatively large in the market. The heavy hammer crusher is particularly special.
The heavy hammer crusher has the advantage of one-time forming, its crushing ratio is very large, the input is large stones, and the output is finished materials, which reduces investment costs, has good grain shape and high neatness, and is favored by users.
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