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Bluestone Crushers and Grinding Mills-Bluestone Processing Equipment

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blue stone
Bluestone is also known as limestone. Bluestone is a gray or whitish sedimentary rock (about 15% of the lithosphere) generated in the crust marine lake basin, with a water absorption rate of 0.75% or less, a flexural strength of 10.0 MPa or more and a gloss of about 60 for the blue stone. Since the density is 2800 kg / m3 and it belongs to the category of limestone, and the composition of marble is also limestone, blue stone also belongs to the category of marble.

Use of bluestone

  • 1. Bluestone is widely used in salon tables and cabinet counters. The advantage of blue stone is that it is a green product that is used in everyday furniture because its main component is non-polluting and non-radiation-free calcium carbonate compared to natural marble, and it is popular with the modern people.
  • 2. Bluestone is a raw material for lime. In addition to lime, blue stone is quarried in stone factories as gravel and large sand. Stone is used for cement and a large amount of sand is required to build a house.
  • 3. Bluestone is also mainly used to crush various hard stones such as river pebbles, pebbles, granite, limestone, marble, and lapis lazuli. Widely used in fields such as highways, high-speed trains, rural roads, and construction sand, it is an ideal material for the construction industry.
  • 4. Bluestone belongs to the category of limestone, and the composition of marble is also limestone, so bluestone also belongs to the category of marble, and is often used in the manufacture of marble furniture and handicrafts. .

Bluestone must be crushed and processed before it can be used in the relevant industry. What equipment do you need to crush and crush bluestone? Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing various bluestone crushers and crushers. Next, CLIRIK will introduce some bluestone crushing and crushing devices which are highly effective for crushing and crushing.

Blue stone crushers

Bluestone is a common stone in gravel factories and can be used in building materials, road construction, and mechanized gravel production after being processed by machines such as crushers and sand mills.
Additionally, the abundance of bluestone ore makes it a hot source for the production of mechanized sand and gravel in various regions.

1. Jaw Crusher

jaw crusher The Jaw Crusher is currently the most widely used and best-selling bluestone crusher on the market. This device was developed by CLIRIK by combining the advantages of domestic and foreign blue stone crushers with the characteristics of blue stone, and has excellent suitability and professionalism. The advantages of this device are mainly reflected in the following aspects:
(1) Better quality
The equipment is manufactured with internationally superior technology. Devices such as jaw plates and liner plates are made from excellent materials imported from Europe, have excellent toughness and wear resistance, are not easily damaged and have a significantly long parts replacement cycle. .. With more than four times the service life of similar bluestone crushers on the market, the quality is very reliable.
(2) More reliable performance
This device has very good performance, such as ultra-high crushing efficiency, ultra-high power, more stable operation, relatively low cost, very low power consumption and power consumption, and more flexible crushing adaptability. and convenient. It has the above advantages. The effect of blue stone is very good, and it can bring more benefits to the blue stone processing factory.
(3) Most affordable price
The low price is also a great advantage of this device. This equipment is sold directly from the CLIRIKE Machinery factory and is developed and manufactured in-house, so the manufacturing and investment costs are very low and it is relatively inexpensive.

2. Cone crusher

cone crusher Cone crushers also have excellent experience in crushing blue stone and have very good performance advantages. In terms of structure, the overall structural design of the equipment is very rational, the footprint is relatively small, and it is easy and easy to operate. In terms of quality, the wear parts are made of wear resistant materials recently developed in Europe. Reliable quality and long service life; outlet On the other hand, the device has a relatively large feed inlet diameter, a large amount of blue stone processing and high production. From the environmental protection point of view, the dust-proof and muffling devices have excellent dust-proof and sound-absorbing effects, effectively achieving dust-proof and zero noise. Ideal production condition.

3. Hammer crusher

hammer crusher The Hammer Crusher is a high energy blue stone crusher developed by citing mature production technology from the United States. This device is easy to operate, highly automated, high power, high crushing efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction, ultra low cost. And affordable. With many advantages, it is very popular and welcomed by bluestone processing factories.

Stone crusher Blue Stone 12

Stones 12 are the so-called 10-20mm size stones in today's gravel manufacturing industry, and they are a type of stone widely used in the construction industry.

Three main types of bluestone crushers

  1. Coarse Crusher-Jaw Crusher,
  2. Medium and fine crusher (impact crusher / cone crusher),
  3. Stone crushing equipment, such as fine crushing equipment (impact crusher / sand crusher).
Each type of blue stone crusher has its own production advantages, and the selection method should be reasonably configured according to the actual situation.

impact crusher Many companies choose the impact crusher for the production of 12 stones. If the size of the mined bluestone is large, it should be coarsely crushed with a coarse crusher and then impact to crush it.

A better effect than crushing bluestones is the impact crusher. 12 Bluestone impact Crusher: Currently there are three types (European impact crusher, PF impact crusher, German impact crusher).

The impact crusher is mainly a kind of use. The grinding of the material using impact energy has a relatively uniform particle shape, the total price of the impact crusher is relatively low, and the cost performance is relatively high.
In some important parts of bluestone processing, it is used with a jaw crusher.

Device configuration:

It consists of a vibration feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibration screen, conveyor belt, centralized electrical control and other equipment.

A complete set of stone production lines generally includes vibratory feeders, crushers, stone screening equipment, environmental protection equipment, centralized control systems, and other machinery. According to the current sand and stone market, small and medium stone factories buy sets. The stone production equipment price should be selected reasonably based on the production status of your stone factory. You can refer to CLIRIK for information such as a stone production line setup plan and a quote for a complete set of stone equipment. With a practical standard value.

Blue stone grinding mills

Due to the large number of models of bluestone grinding mills, the size of the floor area is largely determined by the length and width of the equipment, including the occupied zone of the pipeline. If the type and size of the equipment and the floor area vary, it is necessary to combine the specific situation with the actual situation of the user to make a reasonable adaptation of the equipment.

At present, there are many types of bluestone mills on the market, including high pressure grinding mills, integrated suspension roller mills, micro-powder grinding mills, ultrafine mills, and vertical mills. These factories have exceptional advantages in terms of product performance, operational safety and smart environmental protection.

Compared with traditional crushers, modernized bluestone grinding equipment has all the advantages. Not only will the ability to crush the material be improved, but also the production efficiency will be significantly improved. The fine particle size of the material has achieved relatively significant results in terms of risk management, cost management and environmental protection.

Bluestone Raymond Mill

Bluestone Raymond Mill  
  • Max feeding size: 20 mm
  • Output size: 30-325 mesh
  • Processing ability: 1-30 t/h
The Raymond mill drive system uses closed gearboxes and pulleys for stable transmission and reliable operation. This device employs centralized control. Basically, the whole milling machine can perform operations without personnel. In terms of maintenance, it is energy. Savings and efficiency. Ball mills, which are more energy efficient than before, occupy a smaller area, are less expensive, more efficient and more convenient to maintain.

You must ensure that the hardness of the material is adequate. A blue stone grinding mill can be used to process materials with a Mohs hardness of 7 or less. If the hardness of the material is too high, on the other hand, the grinding cloth will be uniform during the grinding process and the fineness of the finished product will not meet the specified standards, which will put a great load on the rollers.

When the Bluestone mill is working to grind the powder, the grinding roller is tightly wound on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force, the material is collected with a spatula and sent to the center of the grinding roller and the ring. grinding. be done. Blue stones are crushed. Then, under the operation of the fan, the powder material is blown through the analyzer and the material that meets the fineness requirements passes through the analyzer and continues back to the grinding cavity. It is crushed and the material from the analyzer is separated by a cyclone. Separate collection. The rear exhaust uses an industrial filter cloth to separate the dusty exhaust in one go.

Bluestone is a stone powder rich in calcium carbonate. Equipment that can be used to invest in bluestone crushers includes Raymond mills, vertical mills, and ultrafine mills, to a degree related to many factors. To get the ideal fineness, you need to adjust the axial speed appropriately, adjust the particle size of the powder, and adjust the rotation speed and grinding time of the host. By adjusting the rotation speed, the efficiency of the milling machine can be increased, and the material with large particles can be fully wound to achieve a good milling effect. The fineness of 4R mills is typically 100-800 mesh and can reach 1000 mesh depending on different industrial and mining conditions.

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