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Ball Mill VS Ultrafine Vertical Mill VS Ultrafine Mill

Source:nclirik Posted:2022-11-01
The three most commonly used mills in the field of stone ultra-fine powder processing: ball mill, HGM ultra-fine mill, and CLUM ultra-fine vertical mill.
So what is the difference between these three mills? How to choose? The following will analyze the differences between the three types of mills from three aspects: 1. Differences in powder particle shape 2. Power consumption 3. Price.

1. The output particle shape difference

powder particle shape of ball mill, HGM mill and CLUM mill
From the above photos, we can find the ball mill has the more uniform particles and shape, then the CLUM vertical roller mill, the last is HGM grinding roller mill.
So if your final market has the special request for the particle shape, please know the difference.

2. The power consumption for the same powder size

Please find the below sheet to show the power consumption for different mill based on the same size,
power consumption of ball mill, HGM mill and CLUM mill

Under collecting many factory feedback, the ball mill power consumption is 2.5-3 times than the roller mills.

3. The budget of the project under same capacity

Project Example: Powder Size: 15 micron, Capacity: 4.5--5 t/h
The Ball Mill plant (2.2*5.5M+ADW6304) cost: USD420,000.00
The HGM Ultrafine Mill (HGM125) cost: USD180,000.00
The CLUM Vertical Grinding Mill (CLUM1425) cost: USD660,000.00

The above 3 points are the basic difference characters among the mills.
If you want to know more, welcome to connect with us.

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