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Customer Case - Xinjiang 800 Mesh Barite Ultrafine Powder Production Line

Source:nclirik Posted:2024-07-05

Project Description

Xinjiang Barite Ultrafine Powder Production Line
Processing materials: barite (barium sulfate), calcite, etc.
Equipment selection: 1 set of HGM100L ultafine grinding mill
Output: 3.8-4.2 tons/hour
Finished product fineness: 800 mesh D90
Finished product use: water-oil-based drilling fluid weighting agent
Purchase list: HGM100L mill host, powder selector, fan, etc.

Xinjiang: Strategic Location

In the vast Xinjiang, Bayinguoleng Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture (hereinafter referred to as Xinjiang) is located at the throat of the Silk Road. It once gave birth to the brilliant civilization and majestic magnificence of ancient Loulan and Lop Nur; as a national strategic energy reserve town, the local area bears the heavy responsibility of oil resource exploitation.

Drilling Weighting Agent

In the oil well drilling operation of oil development and exploitation, in order to avoid high pressure and blowout accidents. Industrial salt is usually added to the mud as a weighting agent. Among them, barite powder is often used as a water-oil-based drilling fluid weighting agent.
CLIRIK ultrafine grinding machine helps the preparation of raw materials for oil drilling fluid weighting agents
The barite fine powder used for drilling mud needs to reach 325 mesh or more. In order to ensure the stable supply and fineness of ultrafine powder, local customers contacted CLIRIK to communicate production needs. Finally, CLIRIK ultrafine grinding machine was selected to produce 800 mesh barite powder.

Due to the high risk of oil production operations, there are strict standards for the weighting agent - barite powder:
Item Index
Density, g/cm ≥4.2
Fineness, -200 mesh % ≥97
-325 mesh % ≥85~90
Water-soluble matter, % ≤0.1
Clay effect, Pa.s ≤0.125
Barium sulfate content, % ≥90
National standard (GB/T5005-2010 Drilling Material Specification)

Project Situation

According to the customer's hourly production and fineness requirements, CLIRIK selected HGM100L equipment to prepare 800-mesh high-specification barite fine powder in the HGM series ultra-fine grinding mill production line with an ultra-wide adjustment range of 200-2500 mesh, and matched the production capacity requirements with a large hourly production of 4 tons.
The customer of this project communicated and selected models, calculated energy consumption, and customized production lines through the full-process online mode. The equipment group of CLIRIK stepped up the production scheduling and delivered the goods quickly in more than ten days. The after-sales team members went to Xinjiang Prefecture to help the quality of local oil mining additives.

Standardized HGM Series Ultra-fine Grinding Production Line

1. It brings together a series of equipment components with excellent quality and excellent performance, such as the main machine, powder selector, and powder collector;
2. It embodies CLIRIK's more than ten years of experience in the fine powder industry and equipment production examples;

3. It is a fine ultra-fine grinding mill production line independently developed with the support of various patented technologies, continuous innovation, and keeping up with international technology and process concepts.
After several months of operation, the equipment has been running smoothly and efficiently;
The particle size distribution of the discharged material is uniform and the specific surface area is large;
The actual production capacity exceeds the established target, creating considerable production benefits

On-site Photo Album

 Xinjiang Barite Ultrafine Powder Production Line-1
Xinjiang Barite Ultrafine Powder Production Line-2
Xinjiang Barite Ultrafine Powder Production Line-3
Xinjiang Barite Ultrafine Powder Production Line-4

During the return visit, the equipment quality and service level left a deep impression on the customers. Customers have expressed their affirmation of CLIRIK's services more than once: CLIRIK is a very reliable partner. Now the production line continues to run smoothly and they are very satisfied with all aspects!

CLIRIK Brand Mission

CLIRIK has always attached importance to product polishing and the all-round expansion of its own brand building. With the commissioning of this production line, it marks a solid step for CLIRIK's equipment to expand its strategic energy business in the western region.
CLIRIK has always insisted on promoting the implementation of the regional interconnection development strategy through multi-point coordination to maintain cooperation in the localized market on a larger scale, wider field and higher level. Provide excellent equipment and brand services to thousands of customers.
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