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HGM100L And YGM1300 Grinding Mills Delivery To Pakistan

Source:nclirik Posted:2021-11-30
The CLIRIK Machinery factory was extremely busy this afternoon, as it was about to arrange the shipment of two mills, totaling four containers. They will all be sent to Pakistan.
The mills to be shipped today are 1 set of HGM100L ultrafine grinding mill and 1 set of YGM1300 high-pressure suspension Raymond grinding mill.

HGM100L micro powder grinding mill delivery to Pakistan
YGM1300 high pressure suspension grinding mill delivery to Pakistan

HGM100L ultrafine grinding mill

The first machine ready for delivery is HGM100L ultrafine powder grinding mill, it also named 28 roller mill.
HGM100L ultrafine grinding mill machine will be deliveried to Nowshewa, Pakistan
The HGM100L ultrafine powder grinding mill is very stable and it is the star products of Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd.
So far HGM100L ultrafine mill has been sold all over the world, only in the Pakistani market, there are more than 20 mills of this model.

This customer want to use HGM100L ultrafine mill to process 400-2500 mesh calcium carbonate powder.
The customer chooses to change the main mill motor from 132 KW to 160 KW. Because he is worried about the electricity supply in Pakistan. 
As we know, in some countries the electricity supply is not stable, so they want to use a bigger motor to make the machine working more stable.

YGM1300 high-pressure suspension grinding mill

The second mill to be sent is YGM1300 high-pressure suspension grinding mill. It is a kind of Raymond mill. This customer from Lahore, Pakistan.
He planned to process 200 mesh Plaster of Paris (POP/calcined gypsum).
For 200 mesh plaster of Paris, the capacity of YGM1300 can reach 10 t/h at least.
YGM1300 high-pressure suspension grinding mill can make 60-400 mesh powder, the passing through rate can reach 97%.
In addition to the powder grinding mill, he also bought the calciner: Rotary kiln.
In the further, he plans to buy 28 roller mill to process the calcium carbonate.

YGM1300 high-pressure suspension grinding mill has 4 pieces of rollers, so it also named 4 roller mill.
We have equipped YGM1300 mill with turbo type classifier. This classifier can make sure it can separate 400 mesh powder out with 97% passing through rate.
The main unit motor you can choose is 90KW or 110KW. It depends on your material.
Normally, we match the 110 KW mill motor to customers.

Because the freight cost is getting higher and higher all over the world. We doing our best to try to reduce container quantity to save some shipping costs for customers.
For YGM1300, we choosed two sets of 40" HQ containers. Under the same circumstances, we used to arrange three containers. This change will increase the time and difficulty of loading. 
The jaw crusher the customer chooses is PE250*400. The grinding efficiency of YGM1300 Raymond mill will be greatly improved after adding jaw crusher.

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