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Customer Visit-- Zhejiang Customer Inspects Calcium Carbonate Ultrafine Mill

Source:nclirik Posted:2022-09-20
This morning, a customer from Zhejiang came to CLIRIK Company for a field trip. The company's sales executive took the customer to the showroom to visit and introduce the equipment, and then visited the production workshop and introduced the production process.
Zhejiang customers visit CLIRIK company

The customer intends to invest in a calcium carbonate milling line. It needs to process heavy calcium carbonate 800 mesh to 2500 mesh, and the output is required to reach at least 3 tons per hour.

According to the customer's needs, the salesperson recommended the HGM series of ultra-fine grinding mill.
Zhejiang customers visit HGM ultrafine mill

Then the receptionist took the customer to the conference room to explain and analyze the prepared plan in detail to the customer one by one.

From the structure and model of the equipment, the corresponding output of each type, and which user groups are suitable for use. After listening to it, the customer is also very satisfied.

After a period of communication, we reached a consensus. The customer decided to adopt our company's solution and equipment procurement.
Discuss calcium carbonate production line scheme

It has been more than 20 years since CLIRIK was established, and there is an endless stream of repeat customers. We attract repeat customers for the following reasons:


1. Our scale

Customers come to our Clirick for inspection. Our scale, area and production workshop are perfect.

2. The quality of the ultrafine pulverizer

The scale is not enough, we also do a good job of the quality of the mill equipment. Users buy it back and use it with ease, bringing more benefits to customers. And it doesn't happen that the problem keeps on taking a while. In this way, customers will choose us when they buy mills in the future.

3. After-sales service

After the customer buys it back, some are far away. When the customer encounters any problem, what should they do if they cannot solve it themselves. Call our after-sales service, and our after-sales service will answer the customer. Starting from the customer itself, help customers solve their own problems.

Seeing is believing. If you listen to what I said and still have concerns, you may wish to visit the CLIRIK manufacturer.

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