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What is pendulum mill? The difference between pendulum mill and Raymond mill?

Source:nclirik Posted:2021-10-28

What is a pendulum mill?

The pendulum mill, as the name suggests, is a grinding mill that grinds the material repeatedly through the device in the main machine, and finally obtains fine powder.

pendulum mill

The pendulum mill belongs to the fixed disc type disc mill. Pendulum mill is a kind of pulverizing equipment with strong versatility. Pendulum mill has the characteristics of continuous dry powder milling, concentrated particle size distribution, continuously adjustable fineness, and compact structure. The particle size of the pendulum mill can be adjusted within the range of 0.125-0.044mm (equivalent to 80-325 mesh) according to different requirements.

Pendulum mills can only grind dry materials, with adjustable fineness and compact structure. Its working principle is that the grinding roller and grinding ring in the main machine squeeze the material to smash, and the fine powder enters the pipeline through the analyzer, and reaches the powder collector for storage and output of the finished product.

The purpose of pendulum mill

The pendulum mill has a wide range of uses. The common materials to be ground and their uses are as follows:
1. Clay: clay, china clay, bentonite, magnesite, pottery clay, bauxite, etc.
2. Non-metallic minerals: gypsum, talc, fluorite, calcite, limestone, perite, barite, apatite, wollastonite, feldspar, quartz, etc.
3. Metal oxides: manganese iron ore, chromite, ilmenite, bauxite, etc. ,
4. Chemical compounds: coke, lime coke, smelted coke, barium sulfate, etc.
5. Others: pendulum mill products can be used in many industries, such as the metallurgical industry using magnesium powder as the refractory layer of blast furnaces; the petroleum development uses barite powder to pressure seal the fuel injection port; the bentonite slurry is used as a lubricant for drilling; chemical industry The light industry uses different stone powders as fillers in rubber, plastics, papermaking, and coatings; the raw materials of ceramics, glass, enamel, white cement, gypsum, and magnesia products in the building materials industry are processed by pendulum mills.
6. Pendulum mill is mainly used to grind various non-flammable and explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 7 and humidity below 6%.

Working Principle

The bulk materials are crushed to a certain size by the jaw crusher (powder or fine-grained materials may not pass through the jaw crusher), and the bucket elevator will vertically transport the materials to the storage hopper.

Then the electromagnetic vibrating feeder feeds the materials into the main machine quantitatively, uniformly and continuously for grinding. The fine powder after grinding is carried out by the airflow blown by the blower, and is classified by the analyzer placed above the host.

The fine powder that meets the required fineness enters the cyclone separator with the airflow. After separation, the powder is discharged through the discharge pipe to be a qualified product. The air flow enters the blower inlet from the return air pipe at the upper end of the large cyclone separator.

The entire air flow and air supply system is a closed loop and is operated under negative pressure. Because the material to be ground contains water, it evaporates into gas during grinding and the gas leaking into the air pipe at the joints of the flanges in the entire air pipe causes the air volume in the circulating air flow to increase. This increased air volume is from the blower and the main engine The middle residual air pipe leads into the small cyclone separator. The fine powder carried by the air flow is collected by the small cyclone separator and discharged from another discharge pipe. The gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe at the upper end of the small cyclone separator.

Seeing this, you will ask, isn’t this the same as Raymond Mill?

What is the difference between a pendulum mill and a Raymond mill?

No difference. Pendulum mill is Raymond mill, but because of different regions, the addressing habits in many places are different, because many people call a product in addition to the formal name, and many of them are in native language, and that's it.

Pendulum mill is abbreviated as pendulum mill, which can process a variety of non-metallic ores and metal ores. It has a wide range of applications. To learn more about pendulum mills, please leave a message or WhatsApp us: +8613512155195
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