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Ultra Find Grinding Mill Q&A-2

Source:nclirik Posted:2021-07-19
Ultra fine grinding mill is a kind of mill used to produce superfine powder.

The fineness of the finished product processed by the ultra-fine grinding machine can reach between 0.074-0.038 mm.

Ultrafine mills are used in many industries, such as building materials, chemicals, fillers, plastics, paper, paint and other industries.

The Mohs hardness of the main raw materials processed by the ultrafine mill is less than 9, and it is a non-flammable and explosive brittle material.

Common raw materials are calcite, marble, mica, kaolin, limestone, bentonite, coal, dolomite, coal gangue, barite, etc.

CLIRIK ultra fine grinding mills

The last article CLIRIK Machinery listed some common problems of ultra fine grinding mills, which were welcomed by many customers.

According to customer feedback, CLIRIK Machinery will further analyze and answer the questions that customers encounter in the use of ultra-fine grinding mill. 

CLIRIK hope it will be helpful to you when choosing and using superfine grinding mill.

>>Question: The finished product is too coarse or too fine;

>>Answer: The impeller of the powder separator is severely worn, resulting in insufficient air flow and poor powder selection effect. The blades should be replaced in time, and the air inlet volume of the fan should be adjusted appropriately to solve the problem of too thick or too fine.

>>Question: Low output;

>>Answer: The blade of the ultrafine grinding mill is worn too much, and the material cannot be shoveled at all; the air duct is blocked; the pipe is leaking and the sealing is not good, resulting in leakage of the finished product.

>>Question: Fan vibration;

>>Answer: The accumulation of powder on the fan blades is compressed or worn, causing the fan to run unsteadily; the loosening of the anchor bolts can also cause the fan to vibrate. The solution is to remove the powder accumulation on the blades in time or replace the blades directly, and tighten the anchor bolts.

>>Question: The host is noisy and vibrates;

>>Answer: The serious deformation of the grinding ring of the grinding roller makes the operation of the ultra-fine grinding mill deviate from the original track; the feeding amount is not suitable, and the machine cannot bear it. The solution is to adjust the feeding amount to balance the feeding and discharging.

>>Question: The host current rises, the machine temperature rises, and the fan current drops;

>>Answer: Overfeeding, the air duct of the machine is blocked by the material, and the duct is not smoothly ventilated and exhausted, causing the airflow inside the machine to heat up, causing the main current, the machine temperature to rise, and the fan current to drop. The solution is to reduce the amount of feed, avoid dust accumulation in the air duct, and control the temperature below 6 degrees Celsius.

>>Question: The powder enters the grinding roller and the bearing is damaged;

>>Answer: The machine is cut off, or the sealing ring is damaged, the effect of lubricating oil is reduced, and the protection of the bearing is not enough; the maintenance and cleaning of the ultrafine mill are lacking for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to add oil regularly and timely to ensure the lubrication protection of the components, and also to clean and replace the oil seal regularly.

>>Question: The transmission device and the analysis engine oil tank are heated;

>>Answer: Check whether the brand and viscosity of the oil meet the requirements of the ultra fine grinding mill; check the running direction of the analyzer.

To sum up:
The ultrafine grinding mill should be maintained in the usual production, and don't wait for the frequent failure of the machine to think about maintenance. The most common maintenance method is to use lubricating oil to enhance the lubrication effect, effectively reducing a large amount of friction between parts, and also reducing the temperature of the ultra fine grinding mill and extending the production life.

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