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Mineral Stone Talc Ore Powder Uses and Processing Equipment

Source:clirikb Posted:2021-04-26
This article will cover the following:
1. What is talc?--Introduction of mineral stone talc.
2. 3 main uses of talc (talc powder).
3. 9 advantages of talc powder compared with other ore.
4. The specific parameters of talc fineness common in the market.
5. 3 Kinds of Talc Processing Equipment Can Make You Rich!

talc stone
Talc Stone

Many customers asked us about talc stone uses, talc mineral powder making and talc processing equipment. We hope to answer these questions through this article.

What is talc ?-Introduction of mineral stone talc


Talc - this is a natural mineral and rock formation crystalized by this mineral. This industrial finely ground raw material used in various industries primarily as a filler. Finally, talc is a cosmetic powder, the most widely used in everyday life.The mineral talc is hydro-cilicate of magnesium which has chemical formula Mg3[Si4O10][OH]2. Talc is the softest mineral (1 hardness on the Mohs scale).




2.7-2.85 g/cm3




Talc has no odor, and is practically insoluble in water. It has slightly diluted solutions of acids and alkalis. It is neither explosive nor flammable substance. Talc is close to some organic substances and therefore mineral organophilic. Organophilic properties of talc aid good crystallization of polypropylene, attracting particles of organic resins in paper production, absorption capacity in the perfumery and cosmetic products.Crystal cell structure of talc is formed by a layer of magnesium oxide, framed by two layers of nonpolar tetrahedron of quartz and oxygen. Outer surface of flakes contains no hydroxyl groups or active ions, which leads to high chemical resistance and hydrophobicity of talc.Three-layer crystals of talc having very strong internal connections, are bonded with each other very weakly. This determines many of the physical and mechanical properties of talc: softness, viscosity, lubricity, adhesion, easy fission and grindability.


Talc powder application - 3 main uses of talc (talc powder)

  1. -The filler in the manufacture of a wide range of coatings (paints, varnishes, enamels, special corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant coatings, primers, coatings, adhesives, mastics, sealants, etc.).
  2. -Equally effective in alkyd and water systems
  3. -Filler in the manufacture of pencil lead
mineral ore talc powder
Mineral Ore Talc Powder

Advantages of talc powder - 9 advantages of talc powder compared with other ore

  1. - High whiteness and optimal particle size contributes to high opacity of paint coatings
  2. - The plated shape of the particles improves the mechanical properties of the film and reduces the permeability of coatings
  3. - High chemical resistance and water repellency increase corrosion resistance
  4. - Chemical inertness improves protective properties and provides excellent interaction with other active ingredients
  5. - The absence of amphibole and quartz crystal as well as a low content of heavy metals allow create a safe and environmentally friendly products
  6. - Low abrasion reduces equipment wear and tear
  7. - Improves the rheological properties of the compositions, prevents sagging, splitting and sedimentation
  8. - Allows you to adjust the degree and nature of gloss, improves the appearance and durability of coatings
  9. - Increases resistance to UV radiation and damage from exposure to high temperatures

Common talc size in the market 

Common talc size in the market

Different size of talc producing - 3 kind of talc mills used for the production of talcum powder with different fineness.

1- 2 micron to 10 micron talc processing equipment- CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill for talc milling

CLUM series ultrafine vertical roller mill for talc milling can make sure powder D50 size be 2micron and power color has no effect (won't be dark ) .

CLUM1425 ultra fine vertical roller mill picture:

2- 10 micron to 90 micron talc processing equipment - HGM series micro powder grinding mill for talc milling

HGM series micro powder grinding mill for talc milling can make sure powder D97 size be 10-90 micron and power color has no effect (won't be dark ) .

HGM100  micro powder grinding mill :

3- 40 micron to 200 micron talc processing equipment - YGM series Raymond mill for talc milling

YGM Raymond mill for talc milling can make 40-200 micron size without strict demand of passing through rate. 

YGM1720 Raymond mill picture:
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