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Can a Raymond mill be used for slag crushing?

Source:nclirik Posted:2021-06-03
Can a Raymond mill be used for slag crushing?
slag crushing and grinding raymond mill

What is Slag?

Slag is the waste discharged during mineral processing or smelting. In the new industrial era, this waste is recycled and used, and good results have been achieved. It occupies a very important position in cement production aggregates or other new energy sources. As we all know, if you want to better use the slag in industrial production, you must grind it into powder. Then, can the slag be crushed by Raymond mill?

Can a Raymond mill be used for slag crushing?

When the slag is processed into fine powder by the Slag Raymond mill, it has potential hydration activity. When mixed with cement concrete, it significantly improves a series of properties of cement and concrete; in addition, the fine slag powder can harden in contact with water, and after fine grinding , The hardening process is greatly accelerated.

According to the different use requirements of concrete, slag powder can replace a large amount of cement in the same amount. Since the water requirement of slag powder is smaller than that of cement, mixing slag powder can reduce the water-binder ratio of concrete, increase fluidity, improve workability and pumpability In order to improve the workability of fresh concrete, each cubic meter of concrete can reduce a lot of production costs, and other external admixtures cannot achieve this benefit.

Raymond slag mill is mainly suitable for grinding various non-flammable and explosive ore materials with Mohs hardness not greater than 9.3 and humidity below 6%.

The fineness of the slag powder after being ground by the Raymond mill is better, and it can be used directly in production without reprocessing. Therefore, compared with other equipment that requires multiple repeated grinding treatments, the Raymond mill is suitable of.

Process steps of slag grinding process

slag grinding process

The first stage: crushing

The slag is transported by a special vehicle to the raw material warehouse, and then the material is sent to the jaw crusher by a forklift/manually for crushing, and is crushed to less than the rated feed size of the Raymond mill;

The second stage: feeding

The slag crushed by the jaw crusher is lifted by the hoist to the storage hopper, and the storage hopper is discharged and fed to the main engine of the Raymond mill evenly by the feeder;

The third stage: grinding

Quality slag dust is sifted through a sieve system during the slag milling process, and then enters the dust collector through the pipeline. Once collected, it is discharged through the dust outlet pipe to become a finished product, and then discharged through the dust outlet pipe to become the final powder. Unqualified slag dust falls on the main engine of the Raymond mill, refining again until the emitted particles are satisfied.
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