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New Type Marble Micro Powder Grinding Mill has become New Star with Output Increasing 40%

Source:clirikb Posted:2017-07-31

Micro powder grinding mill is the main equipment for processing non-mental ores. With the continuous development of science and technology, the market has gradually expanded, high fineness and high efficiency has become new development trend. Shanghai Clirik, devoted to the market demand for marble, has customized unique marble powder grinding mill, whose output and energy consumption can over traditional micro powder grinding mill. It is the ideal equipment to increase product added value and market competition.

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Micro powder grinding mill is very important in the non-mental ores production such as marble, calcite and barite. Choosing powder grinding mill with high cost performance ratio can help the ores to achieve higher market value.


With the economy development, the application of marble has been expanded, the amount is larger, playing an increasing important role in our daily life. The marble has high pressure-proof intensity and good physical and chemical performance, which is widely used in coating, plastic and rubber industry. The more and more larger demand for marble has bring about the demand for marble powder grinding mill.


After dedicated study, the Clirik marble powder grinding mill has obtained multiple patents, greatly increased the using effect and performance indicator. As the replacement of traditional micro powder grinding mill, this micro powder grinding mill has increased 40% output. If you are interested in our micro powder grinding mill, please leave your buying messages and contact information on our website. Thank you. 

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