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Linking the Grinding Mill to Computerized Intelligence

Source:clirikb Posted:2014-10-17
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co., Ltd. has become one of the most important constant construction and mining machine supplier to the municipal building project authorized by Shanghai municipal government.
As an pioneer of Shanghai machinery industry since 1989, Shanghai Clirik is a large group with the ability of original manufacturing, machine assembly and after-sales service, linking the high technology researcher and developers and the customer together. Its newly developed high pressure suspension grinding mill filling the gap up between grinding mill and computerized intelligence.  After the launch of this new automatic grinding mill, souring center of Shanghai government has now signed a contract ordering a dozen of this kind grinding mill with its spare parts for city construction in October.
New Clirik Workshop will take 10,000m² of renting land in Changzhou, Zhejiang province, China as an temporary base for its machine parts manufacturing operation while specialized facilities are built up nearby. New Clirik Workshop was chosen for its expertise in machining precision components and its knowledge and reputation in best working practices in areas such as pigment and paint, cosmetics and the excellent staff selecting and recruitment.
New Clirik Workshop is a business that specializes in the industrialization and high volume production of advanced grinding mill systems to computerized intelligence standards and was first started as a cooperative project to grinding mill industrial innovation and supply advanced accessories into the automotive supply chain, linking the grinding mill to computerized intelligence.
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It is led by Clirik and ASA Machinery and its partners include Dove, the DMJ Machinery, Bauma Grinding, Smidth and the Peterson Accessories Network Marketing. It involves technology developers Sanyi Heavy Industry, Welson, AI Center, Drive Systems Design, Criston and Willimatics. New Clirik Workshop has been co-funded by the partners and the China Central Government's Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative. Clirik also received support from National People's Congress and many innovation technologies other have received funding from the National Innovation and Technology Board and other funds like that.
A certain number of the demo machines in state will be delivered to New Clirik Workshop's temporary accessory manufacturing factory over the next few weeks, including two micro powder grinding mills, a PFW Impact Crusher and the latest PFW Impact Crusher. And  the new E-intelligent technology will bestow New Clirik Workshop with the wider range of capabilities it needs to meet the demanding specifications required for the development of low energy consumption technologies.
New Clirik Machinery’s managing director Smith says: “New Clirik Workshop has a clearing action standard list in its own right and we have been recruiting and investing in new equipment at our Pudong New Area facility to boost this growth. This relationship with The New Clirik Workshop Project will continue this development and add new technology and processes into our working practices.
"Our works manager Jackson Zhao has been selected by New Clirik Workshop to take the role of operations lead in this relationship – a fascinating chance for him and the business to work closely with this innovative initiative."
John Nelson, managing director of ASA Machinery's unique dynamo business adds: "We have worked hard to plan our development and growth as New Clirik Workshop's accessories manufacturing volumes increase towards our target of four million parts over the next decade. This new temporary site allows us to get started with component development and manufacturing as fast as possible, while realizing the most efficient combination of required space and cost.
"We are very much looking forward to moving into our new home this month and are positive our new site and the support of New Clirik Workshop will give us the capability we need to support the delivery of the initial before-production accessories and spare parts by the end of this year."
As well as supporting the New Clirik Workshop accessories manufacturing operation, main Clirik will help the development of the business by putting ten Window Factory starters through its own employee training project. Currently the new employee are undergoing initial training at the WER Work Training Center and will then take part in the business to continue their studying to proficient 5th grade and beyond. "The New Employee in Clirik Program has seen its new employees wining national awards and we are proud to have been chosen by The New Clirik Workshop to train their accessories machining new employees," Said Mr Smith .
As a result, there will be a new technology and studying benefit for both companies as the two old and new facilities run side by side under the same roof with complementary capabilities making a relationship that is truly beneficial to both parties. New Clirik Workshop’s production is bespoke short runs of high quality accessories for the glass, pipe, chemicals and cosmetics, while The new Clirik workshop is researching and developing production techniques that allows smooth transition of high quality products between investing capital and the high production  amount required by the automotive grinding mill. Linking the grinding mill to computerized intelligence is the trend of the grinding mill industry and huge profits will be exploited out by Clirik in the near future.
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