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Can Raymond Mill process glass powder?

Source:nclirik Posted:2021-06-04

Yes, Raymond mill is good glass grinder!

Glass is a brittle material and can be processed. However, it is necessary to consider whether the ground iron filings will affect the final product quality. If it does not affect its chemical composition and whiteness. It can be grind to 500~600 mesh. 

The glass powder is made of non-polluting raw materials. Through low-temperature processing and multi-stage screening, the particle size of the powder obtained has the narrowest cumulative peak. This result also makes mixing simple, and can be dispersed with a general disperser and then used in the coating to stir evenly.

glass grinder Raymond mill

Raymond mill is a commonly used milling equipment in the mineral powder industry. It can be used to grind various ore materials and non-metallic materials whose Mohs hardness is less than or equal to 9.3. The hardness of glass is between 6 and 6.5. It can be used to grind glass. At present, some milling equipment manufacturers have produced Raymond mills specifically for glass grinding, which are called glass Raymond mills or glass grinder mill. Compared with ordinary Raymond mills, glass Raymond Mill fully considered the grinding characteristics of glass during the initial manufacture, and it is more targeted and high-yield for glass grinding processing.

Raymond mill  glass powder grinding test videos:


Why do we need to process glass powder?

Glass is formed by melting soda ash, limestone, quartz and other materials with silica at high temperature. It is an important silicate non-metallic material and has now become an important building material. In fact, glass is a very old building material. With the development of technology and production changes, the application field of glass is gradually expanded. Glass will play an increasingly important role in the future production and life of mankind. Raymond mill is the most popular milling equipment in the mineral milling industry, and it has also been widely used for grinding glass.

With the large-scale use of glass, it is accompanied by the recycling of broken glass and waste glass. Glass grinding powder can solve the problem of waste glass recycling. Glass powder is mainly used in furniture, wood paint and industrial paint in the field of coatings.

Glass powder as an additive to paint film has the following advantages

  • 1. High transparency
  • 2. High hardness
  • 3. Strong scratch resistance
  • 4. High temperature resistance.
  • 5. Anti-corrosion.

Glass powder has a good refractive index, and when mixed with paint, it can improve the transparency of the paint, especially for furniture paint. Even if the amount of glass powder added reaches 20%, it will not affect the performance of the coating, and it will be more scratch resistant. The added glass powder will not increase the viscosity of the paint and will not affect the painting. It also has the effects of yellowing resistance, high temperature resistance, weather resistance, UV resistance and natural powder resistance, and stable PH value. Its strength is higher, so that the wear resistance and flexural resistance of the coating are also improved.

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