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Calcium carbonate grinding mill-CLIRIK Machinery

Source:nclirik Posted:2021-07-20
Calcium carbonate grinding mills also named calcium carbonate powder making machine, calcium carbonate powder grinder, CaCO3 grinding mill.
Calcium carbonate grinding mills are ultra-fine grinding equipment for high-quality calcium carbonate.
In addition to calcium carbonate processing, it is also suitable for non-flammable, explosive and corrosive materials. The processing fineness range: 30-3000 mesh.

What is calcium carbonate?

Calcium carbonate is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula CaCO₃, commonly known as limestone.
Calcium carbonate is one of the common substances on the earth. It exists in aragonite, calcite, chalk, limestone, marble, travertine and other rocks.
Calcium carbonate is an important building material and has a wide range of industrial uses.
According to the different production methods of calcium carbonate, calcium carbonate can be divided into ground calcium carbonate, precipitated calcium carbonate, colloidal calcium carbonate and crystalline calcium carbonate.

calcium carbonate powder making

Ground calcium carbonate

Ground calcium carbonate (also named heavy calcium carbonate, GCC) is made by mechanical methods (using Raymond mill or other high-pressure mills) to directly crush natural calcite, limestone, chalk, shells, etc.

Precipitated calcium carbonate

Precipitated calcium carbonate (commonly known as light calcium carbonate, PCC) is calcined limestone and other raw materials to produce lime (the main component is calcium oxide) and carbon dioxide, and then add water to digest the lime to produce lime milk (the main component is calcium hydroxide).

Then the carbon dioxide is introduced to carbonize the lime milk to form calcium carbonate precipitation, which is finally obtained by dehydration, drying and pulverization.

Or firstly use sodium carbonate and calcium chloride to carry out the metathesis reaction to generate calcium carbonate precipitation, and then it is prepared by dehydration, drying and pulverization.

Application of ground calcium carbonate

37.2% of the ground calcium carbonate is used in the paper industry, 25.3% of the heavy calcium is used in the plastic industry, 11.1% of the heavy calcium is used in the filler and coating industry, 6.6% of the heavy calcium is used as an adhesive and sealant, and 19.8% of the ground calcium carbonate is used Calcium is used in other industries.

The real value of ground calcium carbonate / ground calcium carbonate powder application is its deep-processed products, namely ultra-fine, high-purity, surface-modified products. Therefore, the preparation of high value-added ultra-fine, high-purity ground calcium carbonate / ground calcium carbonate powder products is very good Industrial application prospects.

Application of ground calcium carbonate

Dry production of ground calcium powder

The dry method is more suitable for the production of filler-grade products with coarser particle size. Dry production of heavy calcium is currently a more common method, and the technology is relatively mature. A processing device system composed of general grinding and grading equipment can be used to obtain products of various particle sizes.

The main CLIRIK equipment used is Raymond mill, ring roller mill, ball mill, high pressure roller mill, vertical agitating mill, etc. The classification equipment mainly adopts impeller superfine classifier.

CLIRIK YGM series Raymond mill for calcium carbonate powder making

CLIRIK YGM series Raymond mill: The fineness of the product is generally between 325-600 mesh. If finer powder is produced, neither the equipment's bearing capacity nor the economy is allowed.

The products produced by Raymond Mill are mainly supplied to paper mills.
YGM calcium carbonate Raymond mill-CLIRIK  

CLIRIK HGM series ring roller mill for calcium carbonate powder making

CLIRIK HGM series ring roller mill (characterized by large pulverization ratio and low energy consumption per unit product): The ring roller mill mainly performs ultra-fine processing of heavy calcium, and mainly produces 200-2500 purpose products. The products produced by the ring roller mill are mainly used in industries such as plastics and coatings.
CLIRIK HGM series calcium carbonate ring roller mill  

CLIRIK ball mill and classifier production line for calcium carbonate powder making

CLIRIK ball mill and classifier production line (mainly used to produce d97=5-43mm heavy calcium carbonate fine powder and superfine powder)
The ball mill + classifier process is conducive to the refined production of 800-2000 mesh products, and the products are especially suitable for middle and high-end industries such as coatings and plastic master batches. The process meets the requirements of large-scale and refined development of heavy calcium ultrafine powder processing. The added value of the product is relatively high, but the energy consumption is relatively high. For 1250 mesh, the power consumption per ton is about 160 degrees, which limits the ball mill + Promotion of classifier technology.
calcium carbonate ball mill

CLIRIK CLUM series vertical mill for calcium carbonate powder making

The CLIRIK CLUM series vertical mill adopts the principle of rolling and shearing. The powder particles that meet the required particle size can be taken away with the air flow in time, thereby avoiding over-grinding and achieving the purpose of energy saving. Secondly, the vertical mill integrates fine crushing, grinding, drying (with moisture below 5%), grading, and conveying functions in one, with high work efficiency and significant energy-saving effects.

According to the pulverization principle of the vertical mill, it can meet the production of products with small destructive microstructure morphology (that is, maintaining the original morphology of the raw material particles) and low pollution (small wear).

Vertical mill and its technical characteristics:
①Low power consumption per ton of product;
②Meet industrial-scale production;
③Meet the requirements of refined and deep processing of products.

Large-scale vertical mill produces special powder for artificial granite and modified powder for plastics.
CLUM calcium carbonate vertical grinding mill  

Advantages of CLIRIK calcium carbonate mills


High efficiency, low consumption, long life

In the case of the same fineness of the finished product and the same motor power, the output is more than twice as high as that of other types of mills; the energy consumption is 30% lower. The abrasive parts are forged with special wear-resistant materials, processed such as calcium carbonate, and the service life can reach 2-3 years

High safety and reliability

Because there are no rolling bearings and screws in the grinding cavity, there is no problem of easy damage to the bearings and their seals, or damage to the machine due to loose screws

Energy saving and environmental protection, high fineness

Advanced pulse dust collector, the emission fully meets the requirements of the national environmental assessment; the filtering area is large, and the production capacity is increased. The fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily between 200-2500 mesh (74-5 microns), and the product fineness can reach D97≤5μm at one time

High degree of automation

PLC centralized control, with one-button start and stop, automatic fault alarm, automatic delay of start and stop, current and speed parameter adjustment and other functions. The frequency conversion speed regulation device makes the processed powder particle size more uniform and the product fineness adjustment is convenient. Simple operation, low accident rate, saving labor cost

Customer site demonstration of CLIRIK calcium carbonate mills

calcium carbonate grinding plant
calcium carbonate powder production line

Calcium Carbonate Mill Expert-CLIRIK Machinery

Shanghai CLIRIK Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the design and manufacturing of the entire plant and the provision of engineering technical services for powder ultrafine grinding, grading, modification and other production lines.

The company integrates R&D, production, sales, installation and commissioning and after-sales service. Our company has more than 60 professional engineers including senior mechanical principle and mechanical structure design, mechanical processing process design, chemical process design, electrical automation design, etc.; it is composed of more than 100 senior professional and technical personnel, and has a domestic professional technical research and development team to provide us Strong R&D technical support.

Since its development, the company has designed products and used customers in more than 130 countries and regions around the world, and has established a good reputation in the industry with its excellent quality and customer-centric service concept.

Calcium Carbonate Making Related Products

calcium carbonate grinding mills


Who we are?

Shanghai CLIRIK Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been committed to the field of ultra-fine powder grinding machines for 20 years.
CLIRIK has a first-class manufacturing base with standardized and intelligent production lines.
CLIRIK's professional R&D, sales, installation and after-sales teams have provided door-to-door services to more than 100 countries and regions.

Which models can be selected for processing ultra-fine powder?

HGM grinding mill: 74-5 micron(200-2500 mesh); D97=5 micron
YGM Raymond mill: 613-33 micron(30-325 mesh); D90=30 micron
CLUM vertical roller mill: 20-5 micron(600-3000 mesh); D50=2 micron D97=4 micron

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