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Barite Ore Grinding Mill-CLIRIK Machinery

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Barite is the most common mineral of barium, and its composition is barium sulfate.
It is produced in low-temperature hydrothermal veins, such as quartz-barite veins, fluorite-barite veins, etc., often symbiosis with galena, sphalerite, chalcopyrite, cinnabar, etc.
Barite can also be produced in sedimentary rocks, appearing in the form of nodules, mostly in sedimentary manganese deposits and argillaceous and sandy sedimentary rocks in shallow seas. In the residual clay covering layer of the weathered residual deposits, it often forms agglomerates and blocks.
The crystals of barite are large and tubular, and the crystals can sometimes form rose-shaped or bifurcated crystal blocks when gathered together, which is called crested barite.
Pure barite is colorless and transparent, generally white, light yellow, with glass luster.

Barite grinding mill

Barite is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, paint, filler and other industrial sectors after barite grinding machine powder, of which 80 to 90% is used as a mud weighting agent in petroleum drilling.

CLIRIK barite grinding mill is a new generation of milling equipment improved on the basis of the traditional Raymond mill. It is the most commonly used industrial mill.
Clirik barite grinding mill-Raymond mill

Working principle of barite mill:

The barite material is transported to the storage bin by the bucket elevator.
Then the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is evenly sent to the grinding chamber of the main machine.
The materials entering the grinding chamber are scooped up by the spatula and enter between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to be crushed.
The blower blows air from the splitter disk into the grinding chamber, and sends the crushed powder to the analysis chamber.
After the separation of the analysis impeller driven by the speed-regulating motor through the transmission device: the large particles of materials fall back to the grinding chamber and re-grind; the qualified fine powder enters the finished cyclone powder collector with the airflow, and after separation from the air, it is discharged from the discharge port Discharge as finished product.

During the operation of the main engine, the blade system plays a very important role.
It is located at the lower end of the grinding roller. During the same rotation of the shovel blade and the grinding roller, the material is shoveled and fed between the rings of the grinding roller to form a cushion layer.
The material layer is crushed by the outward squeezing force generated by the rotation of the grinding roller, thereby achieving the purpose of powder making.

Application field of barite

1. Barite can be used as a white pigment (we commonly call Lithopone),
2. Barite can be used as a filler in chemicals, papermaking, and textiles.
3. In glass production, barite can act as a flux and increase the brightness of the glass.
4. Barite is mainly used as a weighting agent in the drilling industry and for barium extraction.
5. Barite can also be used in lithopone pigments, various barium compounds, filler industry, mineralizers for cement industry, anti-ray cement, mortar and concrete, road construction and many other fields.
6. After blending barite and oil, apply it on the cloth base to make tarpaulin;
7. Barite powder is used to refine kerosene;
8. Used as a gastrointestinal contrast agent in the pharmaceutical industry;
9. It can also make pesticides, tannery, fireworks and so on.
10. Barite is also used to extract metal barium, as a getter and binder for televisions and other vacuum tubes. Barium is alloyed with other metals (aluminum, magnesium, lead, calcium) and used in bearing manufacturing.


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Shanghai CLIRIK Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been committed to the field of ultra-fine powder grinding machines for 20 years.
CLIRIK has a first-class manufacturing base with standardized and intelligent production lines.
CLIRIK's professional R&D, sales, installation and after-sales teams have provided door-to-door services to more than 100 countries and regions.
Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Which models can be selected for processing ultra-fine powder?

HGM barite grinding mill: 74-5 micron(200-2500 mesh); D97=5 micron
YGM barite Raymond mill: 613-33 micron(30-325 mesh); D90=30 micron
CLUM barite vertical roller mill: 20-5 micron(600-3000 mesh); D50=2 micron D97=4 micron
barite grinding mills

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