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How to control vertical roller mill temp?

Source:clirikb Posted:2018-01-15

Vertical mill in the grinding process, especially when the equipment is stopped, can cause a great temperature difference on the grinding equipment, resulting in significant thermal stress and thermal deformation, and sometimes damage equipment, such as the liner The geometric deformation, lining bolt breakage and so on. When restarting the equipment, the thermal deformation will produce some cohesive force to form the current pulsation during operation and its own vibration. Therefore, vertical mill power is passed to the main bearing, raising the temperature of the main bearing, so we need to pay attention to the usual maintenance.

vertical roller mill temp

In terms of technology, the higher the temperature, the harder the material will be grinded. In the area of high fine grinding, the tiny particles will rub each other to produce the phenomenon of electrostatic adsorption, in addition to mutual aggregation, there is adsorption in the vertical ultrafine grinding grinding body, forming of the so-called buffer layer, significantly reducing the vertical super Fine grinding effect, the higher the temperature, the more serious the side effects of grinding. 
There are two reasons of Temperature rising of vertical roller mill: To control the temperature, we mainly do from two aspects, first of all ultra-fine grinding quality is excellent, and we usually pay attention to the professional maintenance of ultra-fine grinding, regular use of lubricants, maintain efficient operation of ultra-fine grinding mill, to extend lifetime of vertical roller mill. 
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