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Ground Calcium Carbonate Production Plant In Sichuan

Source:nclirik Posted:2024-06-14
Welcome to our state-of-the-art Ground Calcium Carbonate Production Plant in Sichuan, China. In this plant, the HGM ultrafine mill and CLUM vertical mill play the most important roles. Here, we meticulously transform raw calcium carbonate materials into ultrafine powder, employing advanced technology and precise methods. Let's take a comprehensive tour through the seven main steps involved in this sophisticated process:
GCC Plant

1. Washing: Removing Dust and Impurities

The journey of transforming raw calcium carbonate begins with the washing process. Raw materials, typically extracted from quarries, often contain dust, soil, and other impurities. To ensure the purity and quality of the final product, we subject these materials to a thorough washing procedure. Specialized washing equipment is used to remove dust and surface impurities effectively, preparing the raw stone for the subsequent stages of processing.

2. Primary Crushing: Initial Stone Crushing

Once cleaned, the raw materials proceed to the primary crushing stage. Here, a jaw crusher is employed to perform the initial reduction of the stone size. The jaw crusher exerts significant pressure on the stone, breaking it down into smaller, more manageable pieces. This primary crushing is crucial as it prepares the material for further size reduction.

3. Conveying: Efficient Material Transport

Following primary crushing, the material must be transported to the next stage of the process. This is achieved through a series of conveyor belts and systems designed to move the material efficiently and seamlessly. Conveying systems are essential in maintaining a continuous flow of material, minimizing downtime and ensuring that the process remains efficient.

4. Secondary Crushing: Further Size Reduction

In the secondary crushing stage, the material undergoes further size reduction using an impact crusher. The impact crusher is designed to crush the material into smaller pieces, typically less than 20 mm in size. This step is vital for achieving the desired size before the grinding process. The impact crusher's high-speed impact and compression forces ensure the material is adequately prepared for the next stage.

5. Grinding: Producing Ultrafine Powder

The heart of our process lies in the grinding stage, where we employ two types of mills: the HGM ultrafine mill and the CLUM ultrafine vertical mill. These mills are engineered to grind the material into ultrafine powder, ranging from 150 to 3000 mesh. The grinding process involves:
  1. Feeding: Material is fed into the mills in a controlled manner.
  2. Grinding: The mills grind the material into a fine powder through a combination of high pressure and precision mechanics.
  3. Classifying: The powder is classified to ensure it meets the specified mesh size, with fine particles separated from coarser ones.
HGM ultrafine grinding mill
CLUM ultrafine vertical mill

6. Powder Conveying: Maintaining Purity and Safety

To prevent dust contamination and ensure safety, the powder conveying process is entirely sealed. This step is critical for maintaining the purity of the ultrafine powder and protecting the environment. Sealed conveyors transport the powder from the mills to the packaging area, minimizing exposure to air and preventing any potential contamination.

7. Packaging: Automated and Efficient

The final stage of our process is packaging, where the ultrafine powder is prepared for distribution. We utilize fully automatic packaging and stacking machines to enhance efficiency and precision. The packaging process includes:
  1. Filling: The ultrafine powder is dispensed into bags or containers with high accuracy.
  2. Sealing: Each package is securely sealed to preserve the product's quality and prevent leakage.
  3. Stacking: Automated systems stack the packaged products neatly, ready for storage and shipment.
By following these seven meticulously planned steps, our plant ensures the production of high-quality GCC ultrafine powder, meeting industry standards and customer satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every stage of the process, from raw material preparation to the final packaged product. Thank you for joining us on this factory tour!
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