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An Article To Understand Fluorite And Fluorite Grinding Mill

Source:nclirik Posted:2023-02-06
Fluorite, also known as fluorspar. It is a crystal of calcium fluoride with the chemical formula CaF2. As an important mineral raw material in modern industry, fluorite is mainly used in traditional fields such as metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, and optical industry, as well as strategic emerging industries such as new energy and new materials after being ground by an ultra-fine mill. It is a precious non-renewable scarce resource.


Upstream - Ore and Resources

Properties of Fluorite

Composition CaF2, which contains 48.67% fluorine, 51.33% calcium, and sometimes rare elements; it is often symbiotic with quartz, calcite, barite and metal sulfides.
Usually in yellow, green, blue, purple and other colors, with glass luster.

Mohs hardness 4, density 3.18g/cm3, melting point 1360°C, soluble in acid.

Quartz-fluorite type, calcite fluorite type, carbonate-fluorite type, sulfide-fluorite type; barite-fluorite type, silicalite fluorite type.
Equiaxed crystal structure of fluorite
Equiaxed Crystal Structure of Fluorite

Global Fluorspar Mineral Resources

Fluorite deposits with industrial value have been discovered in more than 40 countries around the world
In 2021, the world's total reserves of fluorite are 320 million tons of calcium fluoride, mainly distributed in: Mexico, China, South Africa, and Mongolia.
However, the United States, the European Union, Japan, South Korea and India have few fluorite resource reserves, forming a structural scarcity.

Global Distribution of Fluorspar Resources

Midstream-mineral processing and processing technology

1. Hand selected

Raw ore--Rinse--To sieve--Hand selected

2. Gravity beneficiation

It is mainly used for sorting ore grades, ore grades are higher, Particle ore with a particle size of 6~20mm

3. Flotation, etc.

Crushing, milling and dehydration

fluorspar ultrafine mill

1. Environmental friendly
2. Excellent powder shape
3. Intelligent control
4. Easy maintenance
5. Frequency conversion powder selection
6. Energy saving and low consumption

Application of fluorspar

Application of fluorspar
Fluorite has the characteristics of lowering the melting point of refractory substances, promoting the flow of slag, separating slag and metal well, desulfurizing and dephosphorizing during the smelting process, and enhancing the forgeability and tensile strength of metals. Therefore, it is widely used as a co-solvent in iron and steel smelting, ferroalloy production, ferrochemical process and non-ferrous metal smelting.

Transparent and colorless fluorite can be used to make special optical lenses. Fluorite is also used to make opal glass, enamel products, catalysts in the production of high-octane fuel oil, etc. Fluorite is also widely used in glass, ceramics, cement and other building materials industries.

Fluorite deep processing customer site

Fluorite deep processing customer site
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