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Fine Powder Grinding Machine in Pigment Industry

Source:clirikb Posted:2018-01-08

Fine Powder Grinding Machine can be used in Pigment Industry. The performance of ultra-fine mill determines the pigment fineness is no problem, and the market is better. In order to reduce electricity consumption, longer parts replacement cycle, reduce equipment consumption, based on the advanced Swedish milling technology, Shanghai Clirik Machinery develop the HGM Ultra Fine Powder Grinding Machine according to the development trend and market demand of the domestic powder industry. 

Host generator of Fine Powder Grinding Machine drive rotation of spindle and turntable by the reducer, 
The turntable rolls and rotates in the grinding ring raceway through hrough the pin and dozens of ring rollers, Its stamping, rolling grinding skill is powerful with high production efficiency. In the same product fineness and power consumption,  output is 45% more than jet mill and mixing mill, effectively reducing the power consumption and the cost of production. Moreover, the material in the ultrafine Powder Grinding Machine is crushed and grinded, the fineness of the finished product is fine, and the finest size can reach 3000 mesh.
Fine Powder Grinding Machine
Due to the particularity of the host composition of the ultrafine mill, the fineness of the final product is good. The finished product is actually a composite of the epoxy resin and the glass fiber, which changes the molecular structure. As a filler component of the coating, this hydrophilic property is extremely important, because in the coating production process, with this feature, the filler will have a good effect of wetting, depolymerization, stability, therefore, the use of composite Material resin epoxy fiber powder as a filler, from the production to storage, and the final application of stucco to make it be dry film, which ensures that paint coatings are always in good dispersion state, than the paint with traditional filler components has better corrosion-resistant properties And oxidation resistance. The market response of to Fine Powder Grinding Machine in Pigment Industry is also very good.
In addition to increasing the concentration of the pigment system [pvc value], the system pigments can also improve the coating construction performance, improve the suspension of raw materials and put sag, but also improve the water resistance, wear resistance, temperature resistance of paint coating.
Therefore, in the paint system pigments, people have shifted from reducing costs to other functions, it will be used in the paint industry to develop a broader field of exploration. At present, governments at home and abroad have made great efforts in the recycling industry of renewable resources and demanded the rational development of renewable resources that can be used as new energy and new materials in the industry, which not only saves costs but also optimizes the environment and turns waste into treasure. Among them, there is an important recycling project of electronic industrial waste. After the separation and disposal of electronic waste and rubbish, the metal resources are quickly reused by the market. The second is the non-metallic materials, epoxy powder, phenolic resin, glass fiber powder is not widely used, which is a great mistake, because of its huge number. It is very hard to degrade if not properly developed and buried as waste, and the properties of these three materials are well suited for being used as new coating filler powders - made into core Fillers of coatings  - pigment. The scope of the application of system pigments, is mainly in  Mainly the paint and primer, putty, thick paint and other varietie of solvent type, water type, powder type. 
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