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Clirik: New Products Recommend, Minerals Separator Equipment

Source:clirikb Posted:2019-03-25

Shanghai Clirik is one of a professional mining machines manufacturers in China, in the past few years, our star products, stone powder making machines series has won the good feedback from our domestic and abroad customers. Our HGM ultra fine grinding mill, YGM Raymond mill, CLUM vertical roller mill already help our customers won the bigger benefits. However, when we talk to our customers, we found that our friends not just need the stone powder making machines, sometimes, they have more demand, such as: they want us to give them a minerals choose schedule, so we hired full experience engineer, after long term invent, we have already develop the new mineral separating program for our customers who are needed this technology, and we can also help you to set your goal about mineral separating and stone powder grinding.


minerals separator


Minerals Separating Process


Minerals Mining---Minerals Crushing(the stone materials will be crushed below 20 mm)---Minerals Powder Grinding---Minerals Separating(this is the core part of minerals processing, there are three methods: gravity separation, flotation separation and magnetic separation)---Concentrate Minerals Treatment


Core Methods of Minerals Processing


Gravity Separation


Gravity Separation


Minerals Separating is carried out through particle spacing, density, particle size and shape of materials at different velocities and directions in movement.

Use equipment: shaker, centrifugal concentrator, jigger, etc.

Applicable minerals: tungsten, tin, gold, chromium, tantalum, etc.

Flotation Separation


Flotation Separation


Pulverized ore on the surface of bubbles is collected by adding water and special reagents to the pulverized ore.

Use equipment: flotation column, self-priming flotation machine, inflatable flotation machine and with special agents such as foaming agent

Applicable minerals: gold sulfide, copper, lead, zinc, pyrite, silver, barite, graphite, etc.


Magnetic Separation


Magnetic Separation


Selection through differences in mineral magnetism

Use equipment: dry magnetic separator, wet magnetic separator, high gradient magnetic separator

Applicable minerals: mostly used in ferrous metal ores, such as iron, manganese, chromium and non-metallic minerals, feldspar, quartz sand, etc.


No matter what kind of mineral mining, welcome to leave your message on our website, according to your inquiry, we will arrange our technology engineer contact you as soon as possible. Shanghai Clirik supply the new schedule of minerals processing and grinding or you, if you are bothering by these problems, please give us a call or message, so we can help you to create more benefits for yourself.


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