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What are the applications of CLUM ultra fine powder grinding mill?

Source:nclirik Posted:2021-07-08
CLIRIK Machinery CLUM Series ultrafine powder vertical roller grinding mill is used for the processing of ultra-fine powder of non-metallic minerals. 
The following is the application of CLUM series ultra-fine vertical mill products in specific industries.

CLIRIK CLUM ultra fine vertical roller grinding mill

CLUM ultra-fine vertical grinding mills are used in the Paper Industry

The original stone into a 2μm of calcium carbonate superfine mill will be around 35%, 325 mesh Pass rate of 99.95%.
The calcium carbonate produced by the CLUM grinding mill is then wet-milled. The finally obtained calcium carbonate product has high whiteness, low iron content, low wet grinding power consumption and high productivity.
CLIRIK CLUM ultrafine powder vertical roller grinding mill  is the most ideal grinding equipment for the front stage of wet grinding in large paper mills.

CLUM Superfine mill application of ultra-fine powders in Plastics and Rubber Industry: 

1. The production of ultra-fine powder of CLUM ultra-fine mill high content of fine particle shape.
CLIRIK CLUM series of ultra-fine roller mill used in the production of rubber in rubber series of special powder: With a good performance in additional strength, Especially in the stretch, Tear resistance, resilience, Aspects of aging, can replace part of the effective filling of white carbon black used in rubber products, the targets were increased and significantly lower the cost of production of downstream products.

2. Because of the production of ultra-fine powder of ultra-fine mill high content of fine particles shape, CLIRIK CLUM series of ultra-fine series of tailored flour mill production of PVC rigid products: With reinforced steel, and good processing properties, etc., In ensuring the premise of high quality PVC, can take the place of light calcium use and substantially reduce the cost of production.

CLUM Ultra-fine grinding mill in the application of Artificial Stone Powder:

1. The production of artificial stone powder of ultra-fine vertical mill modification of the best grinding equipment, and in the process of directly modified.

2. By CLIRIK is the production of ultra-fine grinding of artificial stone powder, not only the yield is high, and low power consumption, low oil absorption value, well-graded.

3. With CLIRIK CLUM the division series of ultra-fine stone powder mill production: You can reduce the number of add artificial resins, To reduce the production cost of the product, And it can make product stable material quality not to deform, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion-resistant and anti-magnetic, will not be protected from dampness and rust, may also make the linear expansion coefficient of marble products become smaller, lower the degree that temperature affected on its excellent characteristics will greatly enhance the added value of the use of artificial stone products.

CLUM Ultra-fine grinding mill in the application of Sealant for Stone Powder:

CLIRIK CLUM series of ultra-fine sealant series of tailored flour mill production: characterized by good tensile strength, stress, cross-linking effect is good, high brightness after filling, the characteristics of good stability. Mainly used in polyurethane, silicone, poly-sulfur products, especially the proportion of high-grade polysulfide rubber filling air is better.

CLUM Ultra-fine grinding mill in the application of Ultrafine Grinding of Talc:

1. The processing of ultrafine mill for ultra-fine talc, high output, low power consumption, narrow particle size distribution.

2. The company has lubricating property of ultra-fine talc mill production, Anti-sticky, flow, fire resistance, acid resistance, insulativity, high melting point, good chemical inert good hiding power, soft, good gloss, high ability of adsorption and other excellent physical and chemical properties.

3. The production of ultra-fine grinding of talc for high-end industrial paint as filler can play a role of framework, reduce manufacturing cost and improve the coating film hardness. The principal can increase the stability of the product shape, Tension strength shear strength around the bending strength, intensity of pressure to reduce the deformation, access rate thermal expansion coefficient, and high whiteness the advantages of uniform particle size and dispersion.

4. Super-fine talc mill production for the manufacture of high-end plastic filling masterbatch, automotive plastics, EVA granulation, Engineering Plastics and many other areas of plastics to join this product, It can effectively improve the molding shrinkage of plastic products, surface hardness and anti-scratch, flow, and improving heat resistant temperature.

5. Super-fine talc used in the production of vertical mill of hot-melt adhesive reinforcing filler, mainly to reduce costs, reduce the shrinkage of the hot-melt adhesive curing time, to change the crystallization rate, to prevent the adhesive penetration, improve the heat resistance of hot-melt adhesive.

6. The production of ultra-fine grinding of talc powder used in radio ceramics high-frequency porcelain, daily-used porcelain. The construction of ceramics, ceramic glazes, and various types of industrial ceramics, can enhance the thermal stability and the performance of porcelain components of the whiteness of porcelain, to make the external appearance more beautiful.

CLIRIK CLUM series ultra-fine grinding in the application of Barite Ultra-fine Grinding:

With the production of ultrafine barite powder of ultra-fine vertical mill is widely used in low-gloss powder coatings, Industrial coatings, plastics, regular paint, pigment, filler, amino-film plastics and other industries. In the gloss material is mainly reflected in the improvement of the products is suitable for preparation of high light products; In the coating, which can reflect a certain degree of wet-film covering power, Replace partially TiO a certain extent, played a role in reducing the cost.


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Which models can be selected for processing ultra-fine powder?

HGM grinding mill: 74-5 micron(200-2500 mesh); D97=5 micron
YGM Raymond mill: 613-33 micron(30-325 mesh); D90=30 micron
CLUM vertical roller mill: 20-5 micron(600-3000 mesh); D50=2 micron D97=4 micron

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