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Clirik HGM80 Grinding Mill for Metal Grinding and Purification

Source:clirikb Posted:2023-09-07
This time, Clirik powder making production line is actively deployed in the Red Sea of metal minerals and officially put into production in Hubei. The pilot production line closely follows the national strategy. From the preliminary bidding planning to the overall construction and operation of the project, the presence of Clirik in expanding non-ferrous and precious metal materials can be found everywhere.

Plilot Powder Production Line Process Flow

The pilot production line project of precious metal pulverization is to process the raw materials to 200 mesh through front-end ball milling, enter the calciner, and make them into 500-700 mesh through ultra-fine grinding, and finally purify precious metals in the reaction kettle.

The equipment of this project is built by Clirik, which maintains the standardization and automation of Keli Rick's equipment, and becomes a scalable non-ferrous metal smelting intermediate modern equipment solution provider.

This project belongs to the core strategy of new material enterprises, and expands more possibilities for the expansion of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of enterprises. The values of the two sides converge and complement each other.

Ultrafine Powder Grinding Plan Confirmation

grinding mill for copper grinding

Client companies attach great importance to this project. When selecting the equipment for the response link, pay attention to the actual project experience, market launch experience, equipment quality and comprehensive strength of the company of each supplier. After bidding by several equipment suppliers, the customer decided to conduct an on-site visit to the factory for scoring after internal discussions.

In May, during the customer's inspection with Clirik, the sales manager and technical engineer introduced several sets of overall planning schemes to the other party in detail, grasped the key points of the project, and conducted in-depth research on issues such as operational stability and the life of wearing parts. Discuss and do feasibility analysis.

During the communication, based on years of experience in market launch, Clirik issued an analysis report based on the actual operation of the projects put into production in various places, the ratio of investment income and other data, fully demonstrating the rich experience and professional strength of Collier equipment in production. Received customer recognition in terms of large-scale project design and equipment professional capabilities, and ultimately led to cooperation.

Ultra fine powder grinding mill
Ultrafine powder grinding production line configuration
Grinding Unit HGM80 ultra fine grinding mill
Raw Material Metal mines: rich in copper, lead...
Output 1 Ton per hour
Powder Fineness 500-700 mesh
Application Precious metal purification
Equipment HGM80A 1 set, fan, classifer, hammer crusher 1 set, bucket elevator, screw conveyor, dust collector...

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ultra fine grinding millultra fine grinding mill
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