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Superfine Powder Grinding Mill in Sri Lanka

Source:clirikb Posted:2021-03-29

Superfine powder grinding mill is one of minerals superfine powder making machines, also be called ultra fine grinding mill, micro powder grinding mill, superfine stone pulverizer. There is a Sri Lanka customer leave his message on our website, and he want to know what’s the price of our HGM80 superfine powder grinding mill machine is. In this page, I will share the quotation and explain what’s the superfine powder grinding mill really is.


Superfine powder grinding mill in Sri Lanka


superfine powder grinding mill in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a rich resource of minerals, such as: graphite, zircon, mica and so on, the main industries include paper making, wood, chemical industry, petroleum processing, rubber, plastic and metal processing and machine assembly. For economy continue development, the rational use of resources is very important, use the rich nature resource in the various industries can save more cost and bring more benefits. We have cooperated with some sri lanka companies for many years, they purchased superfine powder grinding mill from us, and then put the grinding mill machine in their processing of graphite, mica, carbon black and so on.

The superfine powder grinding mill can be used in more than 300 kinds of minerals powder making, besides the sri lanka rich resource, it also can be used in limestone, calcium carbonate, kaolin, barite, dolomite, marble, zeolite and so on. The powder fineness made by superfine powder grinding mill can be adjusted between 300-2500 mesh, and according to your different demand about the powder fineness processing, the maximum capacity even can up to 50 t/h.


Superfine powder grinding mill price

There are many different models of superfine powder grinding mill on the market, take our company as an example, our HGM superfine powder grinding mill including 5 models, they are: HGM80, HGM90, HGM100, HGM125 and HGM1680L, and according to your different choice, the HGM100 also can be divided into HGM100L and HGM100P. (that’s interesting, if you want to know about our models difference, I will do a introduce someday. ) The HGM80 is the smallest model in the HGM series, so generally speaking, the price of model HGM80 is the lowest, it’s good for the powder making industries which capacity between 0.5-4.5 tons per hour, the price of HGM80 is about $55000, and that’s for sure, the final price will according to your final choice. There are also many other factors could effect the super fine powder grinding mill price: 

1. Superfine powder grinding mill supplier

Before you decide to purchase the super fine powder grinding mill, you must need to know who you buy from, a manufacturer or the middle businessman. The cost of middleman’s super fine powder grinding mill must will higher than you buy from the superfine powder grinding mill manufacturer, although you purchase the same thing finally.

2. Superfine powder grinding mill usage life

It’s mainly talk about the superfine powder grinding mill wear parts, the harder grinding parts are, the usage life of superfine powder grinding mill will longer. Generally speaking, the usage life of super fine grinding mill is between 10-20 years, and if you take more attention when you use the super fine grinding processing, the super fine grinding mill service life will longer too.

3. Superfine powder grinding mill technical content

At present, the superfine powder grinding mill also get technology improved, the control system is PLC and automatic with electronic control, so the person cost will less than other days. And the higher technical content not only about control system, it’s also play an important roles in other parts, such as: energy consume, environment protection and so on.

Superfine powder grinding mill in Sri Lanka

Superfine powder grinding mill manufacturer

Shanghai Clirik is one of the reliable superfine powder grinding mill manufacturers in China, we have our own factory set in Pudong new district, Shanghai, China. You can visit our factory if you like,see how our super fine powder grinding mill birth here, and see how our super fine powder grinding mill working.(there is a test grinding mill in the showroom, it can be used in customers’ materials testing)

And we had devoted into the filed of superfine powder grinding mill R&D and manufacturing for more than 20 years, we had helped more than 150 countries built their won stone powder production line project in superfine powder grinding mill on the world. When many of them want to enhance their business, they also will choose our superfine powder grinding mill again. Our super fine grinding mill has been exported to many countries which includes China, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Chile, Australia, Russia and so on.

We also have many other grinding machines: Raymond mill, vertical roller mill, hammer mill, ball mill and many stone crushers.

Shanghai Clirik Machinery will always be your friend of super fine minerals powder making, if you are interested in our superfine powder grinding mill, or other mining machines, you are welcome to leave your message on our website and we will arrange our customer manager contact you back with more details. Thanks for your reading.


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