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Minerals Processing Stone Grinding Mill Working Flow

Source:clirikb Posted:2020-12-28

Nowadays, the use of stone grinding mill is becoming more and more common. More and more people realize the high efficiency of stone grinding mill in production. Although the initial investment will be a little more, there will be a harvest if there is investment. It only produces High efficiency, stable performance, low frequency of failures, not only saves maintenance costs, but also uses a long time. The stone mill can create many benefits at the same cost, so its appearance has brought very great impact to the application of stone change. Because ore is characterized by its unfixed shape, large volume and heavy weight, it has difficulties in application. There was no powerful equipment before, so it is not so ideal in processing. I want to increase resources. The application of slabs must have additional equipment, and stone grinding mill is the best choice.


First of all, when the stone grinding mill is in operation, the humidity of the material should not exceed 6%. If the material's humidity is too high in the stone grinding mill, the phenomenon of paste grinding may occur. The powdered material will stick together due to the high moisture content, and the hard and dry powdered material will pass through the air duct. , Resulting in a serious decline in output. And in this process, the feeding has been going on, resulting in the continuous increase of the material in the grinding cavity of the stone grinding equipment, and later even the jamming of the stone grinding equipment. There is also a certain chance that the motor will burn out due to excessive load. Therefore, we must strictly control the moisture content of the material when using stone grinding mill.

After years of practice and continuous improvement, the structure of the Raymond mill used in the stone grinding mill has been improved day by day. Under the same power, the output of Raymond mill is about 30% higher than that of ordinary mills. Some materials even Can commission 45%, high efficiency and low power consumption. It adopts overlapping sealing and grinding design, which has good sealing performance, reduces pollution discharge, and conforms to green production. As the main equipment of the stone production line, Raymond Mill can be said to conform to the market development, with broad development prospects and innovative design concepts. Stable work, high efficiency, low power consumption, environmental protection and high efficiency, suitable for starting production, the intelligent design of the equipment itself can realize unmanned operation, saving time and labor, and has obvious advantages.


When we purchase stone grinding mill, what users care about is the price and quality of the equipment, as well as the manufacturer's after-sales service. When we buy equipment, we first search for equipment online for reference. Regarding the price of stone grinding mill, the price gap of this equipment on the market is still quite large. This is due to the fact that there are many mill manufacturers today, each of which has different production strengths, the quality of the raw materials used, and the manufacturing costs are different, so the price of the equipment is also different. Also, when choosing a manufacturer, try to choose a direct manufacturer that produces and sells itself as much as possible to avoid spending more money. Generally speaking, the price of stone grinding mill ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions. In addition, there are many factors that affect the equipment of stone mills, the trend of steel prices, and the relationship between equipment supply and demand, etc., when we buy, we must comprehensively consider the equipment at the right price.

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