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What's the Illite Powder Production Line Process Flow?

Source:clirikb Posted:2020-12-14

Generally speaking, the entire illite powder processing line can include crushing, grinding grading, and powder collection.


illite powder processing line

The material is crushed by the jaw crusher into a particle size that meets the specifications, and the material is crushed and grinded by the grinding roller. The ground powder is blown by the airflow of the blower to the classifier above the main unit for sieving. Those whose fineness is too coarse will still fall into the main unit for regrind, and those whose fineness meets the specifications will flow into the cyclone collector with the wind and be collected through the powder outlet pipe. The discharge is the finished product (the finished product particle size can be as high as 0.008mm).

For illite powder grinding, we recommend you to use YGM Raymond mill


Raymond mill

The Raymond mill equipment is a new type of milling equipment successfully developed by Clirik's technological innovation. The equipment is more reliable in operation, more convenient in maintenance, high in classification accuracy, large in conveying capacity, and large in shoveling volume, which can meet the requirements of Mohs Special equipment for grinding 50-450 mesh powder with non-metallic minerals with hardness below level 7 and humidity within 6%.


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