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How to Ensure Grinding Mill Outdoor Running Normally

Source:clirikb Posted:2020-11-09

Because the there is a big scale area in needed for grinding mill stone powder processing, so the work of the grinding mill is easily affected by the environment, because it is driven by electric motors and diesel engines. If these parts are exposed to moisture, it will affect the production of the equipment and even cause downtime Therefore, it is necessary to take certain protective measures. Here is to introduce such protective measures.

How to Ensure Grinding Mill Outdoor Running Normally

1. Waterproof measures should be taken for the grinding mill motor part

If the motor part of the grinding mill is in use, it will cause the motor to burn out. Therefore, the motor should be waterproofed and the power cord junction box should be checked in time to prevent it from being damaged for a long time The rust caused by rain and the rust of the junction box will cause the equipment to run poorly. In addition, some lubricating oil should be added regularly to maintain the equipment;

2. Anti-rust and sun protection measures for grinding mill

When the grinding mill is in use, because it works outdoors, it will withstand wind, sun, rain, hot summer and cold winter and other climate changes. The machine is prone to paint peeling, and it may also rust and cause greater friction in some parts. , Causing local temperature to be too high, burning down the machine, exposure to the sun, and rain to the grinding mill will cause varying degrees of damage to the mill. For these situations, the surface of the equipment should be coated with anti-rust grease, and the rust should be treated immediately and done well. Anti-rust repair measures;


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