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Powder Graphite Grinding Mill Machine in Sri Lanka

Source:clirikb Posted:2020-10-26

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There are many cooperation partners who are using our HGM grinding mill machine in Sir Lanka. As we all know that Sri Lanka have rich resources of graphite, mica, zircon and so on. One of most important nature resource is graphite, due to its special structure, graphite has the following special properties:


High temperature resistant type: The melting point of graphite is 3850±50℃, and the boiling point is 4250℃. Even if burned by ultra-high temperature arc, the weight loss is very small, and the thermal expansion coefficient is also very small. The strength of graphite increases with the increase of temperature. At 2000°C, the strength of graphite doubles.


Electrical and thermal conductivity: The electrical conductivity of graphite is one hundred times higher than that of general non-metallic minerals. Thermal conductivity exceeds that of metal materials such as steel, iron, and lead. The thermal conductivity decreases with increasing temperature, and even at extremely high temperatures, graphite becomes an insulator.


Lubricity: The lubricating performance of graphite depends on the size of the graphite flakes. The larger the flakes, the smaller the friction coefficient and the better the lubricating performance.


Chemical stability: Graphite has good chemical stability at room temperature, and is resistant to acid, alkali and organic solvent corrosion.


Plasticity: Graphite has good toughness and can be connected into very thin sheets.


Thermal shock resistance: Graphite can withstand drastic changes in temperature without being damaged when used at room temperature. When the temperature changes suddenly, the volume of graphite will not change much and no cracks will occur.


After be grind by graphite powder grinding mill machine, the graphite powder will have a widely use.


Used as a refractory material: Graphite and its products have the properties of high temperature resistance and high strength. It is mainly used in the metallurgical industry to make graphite crucibles. In steelmaking, graphite is often used as a protective agent for steel ingots and as a lining for metallurgical furnaces.


As conductive material: Used in the electrical industry to make electrodes, brushes, carbon rods, carbon tubes, positive electrodes of mercury positive current devices, graphite washers, telephone parts, and coatings for television picture tubes.


As wear-resistant lubricating material: Graphite is often used as a lubricant in the machinery industry. Lubricating oil often cannot be used under high-speed, high-temperature, and high-pressure conditions, while graphite wear-resistant materials can work at high sliding speeds at a temperature of (1) 200~2000 ℃ without lubricating oil. Many equipment that transports corrosive media widely use graphite materials to make piston cups, seals and bearings, and they do not need to add lubricating oil when they are running. Graphite emulsion is also a good lubricant for many metal processing (wire drawing, pipe drawing).



Graphite Powder Grinding Mill Machine in Sri Lanka



At present, there are many local graphite powder manufacturers using ultra fine powder grinding mill to produce high quality graphite powder, the high quality graphite powder has unite size, and with a high passing rate. So they choose graphite powder grinding mill machine with a high standard.



Famous Brand Grinding Mill Machine in Sri Lanka



graphite powder grinding mill machine


Shanghai Clirik Machinery HGM ultra fine powder grinding mill machine is a pretty good machine for Sri Lanka graphite powder processing, HGM ultra fine powder grinding mill machine can be used in graphite, mica, and other more than 300 kinds of minerals powder processing, the powder fineness made by HGM ultra fine powder grinding mill machine can be adjusted between 300-2500 mesh, so the graphite powder which made by our HGM mill can be used more widely.


Shanghai Clirik had devoted into the filed of grinding mill machine R&D and manufacturing for more than decade years, we are usually be called “grinding expert” in the industry. Besides our ultra fine powder grinding mill machines, we are also good at Raymond mill, vertical roller mill, stone crusher and other stone powder production line equipment project development. If you are interested in our grinding mill machine, or want to know more about our stone powder production line project set all over the world, you are welcome to leave your email and phone number to us, we will arrange our customer manager share details to you. Thanks for your reading.


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