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Mineral Powder and Micron Powder Equipment Program

Source:clirikb Posted:2020-09-14

In recent years, with the continuous expansion of environmental protection, many countries has put forward clear regulations and requirements for the resource utilization of industrial waste slag. Therefore, more and more enterprises have gradually begun to pay attention to slag, water slag, steel slag, fly ash, etc. The follow-up treatment of industrial waste. As one of the professional powder processing industries, Clirik puts forward the overall solution for the preparation of slag powder by virtue of scientific and technological means and innovative development advantages, which not only enables the secondary recycling of various industrial solid wastes, but also conforms to the development trend of energy saving and environmental protection in the cement industry


Slag, also known as granulated blast furnace slag, is a by-product of blast furnace ironmaking and has high potential activity and hydraulic properties



1. In cement production, it is directly mixed into cement in a certain proportion. It is a component material for the production of portland slag cement to improve the performance of cement and reduce production costs and energy consumption. The addition of water slag in portland slag cement The amount is 20%-70% by weight.


2. Substitute medium or excessive amount of cement in ready-mixed concrete and cement products, and directly mix concrete and mortar as cementitious materials to improve its work performance. As a vertical product, slag powder appears in the construction market and is widely used in concrete , Can replace about 50% of cement.


Mineral powder processing process


The slag raw material is picked up and fed by a forklift and transported by a belt conveyor. In the transportation process, the slag raw materials are successively removed and sieved through the iron remover and the vibrating screen, and then enter the CLUM vertical roller mill through the elevator for grinding. The ground slag is sorted by the powder separator with the help of hot air provided by the hot air stove and dried at the same time. The slag powder that meets the fineness requirements is transported to the dust collector for collection and storage, and then enters the finished product warehouse by the air conveying chute and elevator for storage.


Modern technology grinding system


CLUM slag vertical roller mill is a special equipment for industrial waste slag milling. It integrates crushing, drying, grinding, and grading and conveying. The system is simple and the layout is compact. It covers an area of about 50% of the ball mill system and can be deployed in the open. It can greatly reduce the investment cost; and the grinding roller directly grinds and grinds the material on the grinding disc, which has low energy consumption and saves energy consumption by 30% to 40% compared with the ball mill system.


CLUM vertical roller mill


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