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CLUM Ultra Fine Vertical Roller Mill Maintain Skills

Source:clirikb Posted:2020-09-07

The vertical roller mill has its unique role and position in the mineral powder grinding industry. It adopts novel grinding technology to make the ore materials after grinding fine and uniform, with concentrated particle size distribution, and the fineness can reach 3000 mesh. Therefore, the grinding effect of the vertical roller mill cannot be replaced by Raymond mills and other equipment.


But no matter what the equipment is, when we purchase the company, we must regularly maintain and repair the equipment so that the equipment can maintain its temporary new operating state. I believe you have also seen a lot of maintenance knowledge about vertical roller mills. The editor of Lyric summarized a very comprehensive vertical roller mill maintenance and repair skills for everyone:


vertical roller mill


1. When the new machine is put into production, check the looseness of the connecting bolts everywhere, especially the looseness of the bolts of the main machine and the main machine grinding roller device. In the process of use, a special person should be assigned to take care of it, and the operator must have certain technical knowledge to operate the vertical roller mill. Before the equipment is installed, the operators must be trained as necessary to enable the operators to better understand the installation process and precautions.


2. The grinding roller device of vertical roller mill should be replaced with parts after the use time exceeds 500 hours. When replacing the grinding roller, the quincunx cover on the quincunx frame should be marked with a mark, and the assembly is not allowed to be replaced during assembly. And all parts in the equipment must be cleaned, and damaged parts should be replaced in time. The fueling tools can be divided into two modes of manual fueling pump and grease gun. When the bearing is found to be overheated, immediately remove and clean the surrounding accessories.


3. Every time the machine works for a period of time, the vertical roller mill grinding roller device should be removed and cleaned, and the dirty oil, dust, etc. inside should be cleaned, and the seal should be replaced if it is broken. If the inside is too dirty or two or three cleaning cycles have passed, the bearing should be removed and cleaned. When the bearing is found to be overheated, immediately remove and clean the surrounding accessories.


The use of the vertical roller mill greatly facilitates the user's process of beneficiation. Vertical roller mill users also need to master some operating points during the use of the equipment. For example, what is the maximum diameter of the ore that the equipment can produce, and what range the feeding speed of the feeder should be controlled in. These are the details that everyone needs to pay attention to during use. These details can not only help you get better production efficiency, but also effectively extend the service life of the vertical roller mill.


The user of the vertical roller mill should also provide regular maintenance and routine maintenance for the equipment. Due to the long working hours and heavy workload of this kind of equipment, the consumption of equipment parts will be relatively large. In order to further extend the service life of the equipment, we recommend that you regularly replace parts or provide lubricating oil for the equipment during use. This will not only ensure the normal production of the ultra fine vertical roller mill, but also to a certain extent Help companies save the cost of replacing equipment.


In addition, users of the vertical roller mill also need to pay attention to the dust removal of the equipment. Because this kind of equipment generates more dust during the production process, and the excessive accumulation of dust is not conducive to the heat dissipation of the equipment. Therefore, we recommend that consumers often clean up the dust generated during the production process when using this type of equipment to provide a better working environment for the equipment.



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