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Talking about the Importance of Mineral Processing Technology

Source:clirika Posted:2019-02-21

 According to the beneficiation test, the method of enriching the target elements in the ore through different beneficiation methods to obtain qualified high-grade concentrates is called a beneficiation process. The beneficiation process usually consists of the following components:

1) Mining section: The ore will be mined from the mining area and cut to the extent that it can enter the subsequent crushing section. There are surface mining and hole mining, relatively speaking, the cost of hole mining is higher. (We don’t get involved in the equipment of this section)
2) The crushing section: the ore that is mined is passed through a broken, broken, crushed ore to a particle size suitable for grinding. Usually less than 20mm.
3) Grinding classification section: grinding the crushed material to the extent of suitable beneficiation, so as to facilitate the next mineral processing operation. Different mineral processing methods and mineral processing equipment have different material sizes, which is an important part of the mineral processing operation.
4) Mineral processing section: The material after grinding is enriched by the correct mineral processing method. This section is the core of the beneficiation process and directly determines the benefits of the concentrator. The beneficiation method usually includes: flotation, re-election, magnetic separation, which can be used alone or in combination.
5) Fine tailings treatment section: This stage mainly treats the fine tailings after beneficiation. Concentrates are generally filtered and dewatered, and sometimes dried. The tailings are generally discharged directly into the tailings pond, or discharged to the tailings pond after simple dewatering. Different customer requirements, the equipment selected in this link is different.
    the machine can be used included jaw crusher ,hammer crusher ,and stone grinding mill ,flotation machine,magnetic separator and other.
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