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HGM Grinding Machines in Stone Powder Production Line

Source:clirikb Posted:2018-11-12

What’s the process of producing the superfine stone powder from the large size stones lumps? What grinding machines can be used in the whole process of superfine stone powder grinding? In today’s article, I will tell you the whole working process of HGM stone powder production line.


stone powder production line


Crushing is the first step in the stone powder production line, because the feeder of HGM superfine grinding mill is too small to grind the large size stone, so we usually will set a stone crusher before the grinding mill main unit, and if the raw ore has a really big size, we will set a primary crushing machine, in generally is jaw crusher to process the big size stone lumps.


After be crushed, the smaller size stone lumps will be transported by elevator into the hopper, as we has mention the grinding mill’s feed inlet is smaller, so is hard to put all the stone lumps into the grinding mill at a same time, and because the capacity of stone crusher is far more than grinding mills’, so set a hopper is very necessary, and can ensure the whole set stone production line has a smoothly working process.


And then is the most important step in the whole stone powder production line, the suitable size stone lumps will be sent into the HGM superfine powder grinding mill by screw conveyor, and in the grinding mill, the stone lumps will be grind into superfine powder by the continue grinding between grinding rollers and grinding rings. And you can adjust the powder fineness you want between 300 mesh to 2500 mesh. And then under the cooperation of the reducer and the powder classifier machine, the stone powder which meets your demand will be blow into the powder collector system. And the stone powder can meet your demand, will drop into the grinding mill again, and continue grinding.


Although, you get your demand fineness stone powder, you also need set the superfine stone powder into the dust cleaner. As we all know that the stone raw materials in the nature has lots of impurities, so if you want to get a high quality stone powder, set a dust cleaner behind the superfine stone powder process system is very necessary too. In the dust cleaner, the stone powder will be process out in a high purity, and the bad thing or harmful thing will be damaged.


And there are another powder cannot be shown in this picture, we also can set supply the powder packing for our customers, the finial stone powder will be packed in this system, and if you want to change the physical properties of your stone powder, we also can supply the powder coating machines for you, generally speaking, the stone powder after surface coating, the price will higher than before.


stone powder production line


Are you interested in our stone powder production line? If you are welcome to leave your message to inquiry. And we have many different types of powder making machines can supply to you.


HGM ultra fine mill: 300-2500 mesh powder making;

YGM Raymond mill: 50-450 mesh powder making;

CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill: 300-6000 mesh powder making;

Ball mill: 80-200 mesh powder making;

Hammer mill: 5-120 mesh coarse powder making.



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