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New Advantages of Raymond Mill in Calcium Carbonate Powder Grinding

Source:clirikb Posted:2018-09-17

In the past two years, we are devoted into the new technology Raymond mill R&D, and by trying our best in a such long time, the new advantages Raymond mill was invented. Especially in calcium carbonate powder making, the new technology YGM Raymond mill will must create more for machines users.


As we all know that Clirik is a professional ultra fine powder processing equipment manufacturer, and compare with the common ultra fine mills, the traditional Raymond mill application in the process of the various issues and complete technology and innovation. Raymond mill using conventional equipment will find, Raymond slag in the processing of calcium carbonate class, while 350 mesh to contain large amounts of slag in 10um ultra fine mineral powder, can improve the effectiveness.


calcium carbonate Raymond mill


Therefore, the structure of Raymond mill equipment Clirik carried out large-scale renewal and transformation: the traditional host of improvements to the spindle and plum frame Raymond stable structure was modified to make it run more smoothly. Center no swings. And traditional part of the analysis machine towed by the cavity, instead of hanging outside the chamber cavity rotary drive isolation, thus increasing the stability and durability of their work. In the area of internal grinding, polishing material so always gathered in the grind area for effective processing can improve production efficiency grinding, also roller structure was updated to roller wheel and roller shaft may be able to complement each other operation.


Clirik’s calcium carbonate Raymond mill is one of powder making machines especially good at calcium carbonate powder grinding, the powder fineness made Raymond mill could be adjusted between 50 mesh to 450 mesh, and the max capacity can up to 20 t/h. if you are interested in our Raymond mill welcome to leave your message on our website, we will contact you as soon as possible.


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