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How to Overhaul Raymond Mill

Source:clirikb Posted:2018-08-27

As we all know that the Raymond mill is one of the common use stone powder making machines, compare with other grinding mills, the Raymond mill usually is more stable and efficient. However, after a long term use, what should we do to overhaul the Raymond mill? Clirik will give you more suggest.

raymond mill

(1) Mandatory repair method This method pre-plans specific plans for the repair date, type and content of the mill equipment, and strictly follows the plan, regardless of the actual technical status of the mill equipment. The advantage is that it is easy to prepare well before repair, and it can most effectively ensure the normal operation of the mill equipment. The method is applicable to particularly important and complex mill equipment that must strictly ensure safe operation, such as vertical mill, ultra fine mill, Raymond mill, and mill equipment on centrifugal mill.


(2) The regular repair method is based on the actual use of the mill equipment, with reference to the relevant maintenance cycle, the planned date of the repair work of the mill equipment and the approximate repair workload. This method is good for preparing for repairs.


(3) Post-inspection repair method This method prescribes the inspection plan for the mill equipment, and determines the repair date and contents based on the inspection results and previous repair data. This method is simple and easy, but poor mastery can affect the preparation before repair.


(4) Part of the repair method is characterized in that the components of the mill equipment are not repaired at the same time, but are repaired separately according to the separate parts of the mill equipment, and only a part of them are repaired at a time. The advantage of this method is that, because the repair workload is dispersed and reduced to zero, it can be repaired by holidays or non-production time, which can increase the production time of the mill equipment and improve the utilization rate of the mill equipment.


(5) The component repair method removes the components of the mill equipment to be repaired, and replaces the same components prepared in advance, that is, replaces the components by simple "insertion" or "pull out". The advantage of this method is It can save disassembly and assembly time. The disadvantage is that it requires a certain amount of spare parts and takes up a lot of money.


(6) Synchronous repair method refers to several mill equipment that are closely related to each other in the process of production. It is arranged to repair at the same time to realize the synchronization of repairs to reduce the downtime caused by distributed repairs.


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