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Good Brand Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturer in China

Source:clirikb Posted:2018-07-23

Made in China, has become a label for quality products. Nowadays, more and more Chinese manufactures have gone abroad and have gone to a wider overseas market, and won the public's high praise. Of course, mining machinery manufacturing is not an exception. In the past, we all know that Germany enjoys high technology of mechanical manufacture, and their products are impeccable in quality and reputation.


In the few years, more and more Chinese manufacturers to the developed countries to learn and achieve success, Clirik is one of these Chinese manufacturers, and after few years R&D, CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill is merging. And we get a good feedback from our early cooperation with domestic powder making factory. So what advantages our CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill has? I will tell you soon.


CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill


High Fineness.
Clirik’s ultra fine vertical roller mill has a larger process range. The finish powder fineness made by our CLUM vertical roller mill can be adjusted between 1250 mesh to 3000 mesh. Compare with other brand grinding mills in the market. 3000 mesh superfine powder can be more widely used in more industries.


High Yield.
It’s very easy to understand, what’s the reason makes us do confidence to say our vertical roller mill has a high yield? Because compare with other grinding mills, our CLUM vertical roller mill has a lager capacity. And it’s worth to be mention that the maximum output of Clirik CLUM mill can up to 30 tons per hour.


High Quality.
All of the components in Clirik CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill are made by titanium alloy. As we all know, the titanium alloy is tougher than other materials. So our CLUM mill can be used in hard stone materials grinding. So the service life of our vertical roller mill is 2 or 5 times longer than other brand ultra fine mills.


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