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The Important Use of Dust Collector for Grinding Mills

Source:clirikb Posted:2018-06-25

The Dust Collector also be called pulse bag collector, it also be used in the next step of grinding mills, and it’s a very important link in the stone powder production line; as we all know, with the idea of environmental protection is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, more and more responsible customers have taken environmental protection capability as one of the conditions for evaluating stone powder production line. Using a dust collect is not only good for environment protect, it also can ensure us get the high quality stone powder.


dust collector


Here are some notes for using our dust collector, please read this.

1. Check whether the line is unblocked before use.

2. The bulk cement truck will vibrate for 2-3 minutes before and after injecting ash into the tank.

3. When the alarm on the cement tank alarm, stop ash injection to prevent damage to the dust-proof processor.

4. When the wind is out of breath, check whether the filter element is blocked or not. If it is blocked, it should be cleaned in time.

5. Before cleaning the filter element, we should first bind it with 2-3 lines to prevent the deformation of the filter element during washing.

6. When cleaning, we must wait until the filter core is aired to install and use.

7.After repeated cleaning, the filter element should be replaced in time for the purpose of dust removal.


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