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Does Clirik Ultra Fine Mill Will be More Expensive?

Source:clirikb Posted:2018-05-21

2018 has passed a half, and our Shanghai Clirik has more achievements have been made. In the first half of this year, we participated in the mine machinery exhibition in India, Pakistan, Chile and other countries, and had a new cooperative relationship with new customers from 13 countries. However, with the continuous popular of mining industry, what’s the price trend the ultra fine mill will has in the second half of 2018? I will tell you.


And it’s true, as one of responsible ultra fine mill manufacturers in China, our Shanghai Clirik will not to raise the price deliberately. Although our products are in short supply, we must ensure that every customer gets the best equipment and the most intimate service. However, with the new technology was be putted into the new ultra fine mill. The ultra fine mill also can help the buyer to achieve more.


Clirik grinding mill


1.Powder Fineness, as we all know, the ultra fine mill is used to process the superfine stone powder, the traditional grinding mill, just like the vertical roller mill, Raymond mill, and ball mill, although can be used in superfine powder grinding, but the minimum powder fineness is very hard to more than 600 mesh. However, the ultra fine mill can be used in 300-3000 mesh superfine powder grinding.


2.Final Output, I believe that most of our customers know that, product fineness and production are inversely proportional, and you must will thought that if you want to process the super, superfine stone powder, it will must has a very small output, but you just right a half, we can ensure the maximum output of the ultra fine mill an up to 45 tons per hour.


3.Environment Friendly, there is the dust collector was be set on the next step of grinding mills, in other words that, we can ensure the buyers can get the higher quality stone powder and at the same time, the stone powder cannot leak, the environment will be protect better.


More information about the price trend, working principle, and other questions, welcome to visit our website, and leave your doubt on our website, we will help you to find the truth soon. Thanks for your reading.


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