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Influence of Ambient Humidity on Stone Powder Grinding Mill

Source:clirikb Posted:2018-04-09

Stone powder grinding mill is one of the common mining industry powder making machines. On the surface we can see, the powder grinding mill is made of strong material and is very durable. However, if we don’t take care of it, some small troubles that have been accumulated for a long time may affect the performance of the stone powder grinding mill. This article is mainly about the influence of the working environment humidity on stone powder grinding mill.

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Q&A of Ambient Humidity and Stone Powder Grinding Mill

Q1: As we all know, the whole set stone powder grinding mill system is huge, if this phenomenon cannot be handled well. Some parts of the grinding mill are easy to rust. Take the grinding rollers are rusted as an example, if the grinding rollers are rust, the grinding mill flow of work will not be so smooth, and the rusty parts will also affect the purity of finished products.

A1: Adding lubricant to parts is the most convenient and time-saving way to solve this problem. Regular inspection of the components of the grinding mill is also a good habit for early finding the problem of stone powder grinding mill.

Q2: If the working environment of the grinding mill is wet, we also can know the water content of the material we need to manufacture is also higher than the ordinary environmental materials. The too wet material is easy to stick to the inner wall of the mill cavity during the production process. If the material with high humidity enters the grinding machine, the heat generated by the grinding will lead to the vaporization of the grinding chamber to change the gas flow, and increase the circulation air volume, which leads to the grinding mill less powder or even the blasting machine.

A2: Since the use of large moisture material is a damage to the mill, we must ensure that the material added to the stone powder grinding mill is within the range of the grinding mill, and the abrasive materials are placed in a moderate humidity, or the material is dried before grinding, which will solve this problem.

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With the development of the technology, we also can use the wet grinding method into our stone powder grinding; Shanghai Clirik as one of the professional powder making machines manufacturers in China, if you want to process wet materials into the superfine powder, we also can recommend you to use our ultra fine vertical roller mill. Compare with other stone powder grinding mills, our CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill can use the wet method to grind the rock materials, so the influence of humidity on the machine is not significant. Are you interested in this vertical roller mill? Or do you have other methods to solve the trouble of grinding mill working in the humidity environment? Welcome to leave your message on our website. Thanks for your reading.

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