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Special Report of 10000 Mesh Vertical Roller Mill

Source:clirikb Posted:2018-03-26

As we all know, compare with other stone powder grinding mills, the vertical roller mill has such advantages, high working efficiency, energy saving, superfine fineness finish powder size, high yield and so on. However, do you know, our Shanghai Clirik Machinery had invented a new technology ultra fine vertical roller mill which can be used in 10000 mesh super, superfine powder grinding.

Our vertical roller mill is divided into three grades for superfine powder grinding:
600-1250 mesh (have no second grading treatment);
1250-3000 mesh (after second grading);
3000-10000 mesh (by using wet grinding);

ultra fine vertical roller mill

We can use vertical roller mill to process the superfine powder until 10000 mesh by using the wet method grinding. Generally speaking, the wet grinding is usually be used in ball mill grinding, this time, we use this method into vertical roller mill grinding, when the vertical roller mill is working, we will put 25% water into the mill. So the stone powder will be mixed with mud, though the effect of water, the finish powder will be grind many times, so the finish powder will be more finer and more uniform.

Besides this, our ultra fine vertical roller mill also has a stronger drying ability, and the water in the cavity will be discharged in the form of water vapor. So you don’t worry about when the ultra fine powder vertical roller mill is working will appear some bad for our environment, and it’s no harm to your finish powder.

Compare with other mining mills on market, maybe our ultra fine vertical roller mill will be more expensive, however, we also configuring the top parts on our vertical roller mill. The service life of our ultra fine vertical roller mill is about 2-5 times longer than the common grinding mill, and we have received our customer’s feedback, that he had use our ultra fine vertical roller mill for 6 year, but the unilateral wear is only 3 mm. And you know, that the first batch of ultra fine vertical roller mill made by us, however, today, we have matured technically, the quality of our ultra fine vertical roller mill must be better than before.

As one of mining equipment manufacturers in China. Shanghai Clirik will try our best to produce machines which is more efficiency, and more meet customer needs. The ultra fine vertical roller mill will be a cornerstone that remind us of "never forget the beginning heart". Thanks for your reading.


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