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Major manufacturers of Vertical grinding mill

Source:clirikb Posted:2017-12-04

My name is vertical mill, vertical grinding mill, vertical type mill, vertical roller mill, vertical mill are my other names. So many names, do you envy me? I am tall and handsome, strong ability, good ability, set drying, grinding, powder in one, used in the cement, chemical, coal, power, metallurgy and other departments of the front line, with abundant experience!

In 1925, I was born in Germany Loesche company, already 89 years old this year. Do you call me grandpa? Under the skill and dedication of engineers, our family is gradually expanding, now let's recognize our family members: Loesche GmbH, Fuller Company of the United States, UF LM Station of Japan, ATOX Mill of Denmark's FLS Company ; The United States Raymond Raymond, Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Japan, Germany Humboldt KHD VR vertical mill; the United States Aries - Chalmers AC, Germany Fever Pfeiffer's MPS vertical mill; Shenyang Heavy Mining Machinery Engineering package The company's MPS vertical mill; Tianjin Cement Design Institute TRM vertical mill; Hefei Cement Design Institute HRM vertical mill; Shanghai Clirik CLUM vertical mill ...
Family Star - Clirik Micro Powder grinder Mill
Micro Powder grinder Mill is suitable for the super fine grinding of all kinds of crisp materials whose Moh’s hardness is below 7, such as calcium carbonate, barite, dolomite, calcite, limestone, kaolin, bentonite, marble, gypsum, quartz, feldspar, clay, talc, fluorite, white mud, mica, refractory material, glass, total about 1000 kinds of materials.
Micro Powder grinder Mill
Rising star - CLUM Superfine vertical mill
Superfine vertical mill
LUM ultra-fine vertical mill is a rising star of the family, it also comes from Shanghai Clirik Machinery. It has afvantages as follows:
1.High grinding efficiency: save 20~30% power consumption compared with the ball mill. 
2.Strong drying capacity: dry and grind raw materials with moisture content as much as 15%.
3. Mutifunction: crushing, drying, grinding, separating and conveying.
4. Low noises and little dust: no direct contact between the grinding rollers and grinding disc, so metallic impact is avoided and its noises is 20~25 decibels lower. Totally closed negative pressure operation has employed by this vertical grinding mill, so there is little dust during the operation.
5. Low wear rate and little metallic pollution: its metal wear is only 5~10g/t. 
If you would like to know more about the performance advantages of Micro Powder grinder Mill and LUM ultrafine vertical mill, and get closer to their work site, contact our customer service now!
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