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Powder Grinding Mill Technology Conforms to the Grinding Requirements

Source:clirikb Posted:2017-10-16

In the 1980s, with the development of cement industry in our country, we have put forward higher requirements on environment protection and energy saving and timely innovated vertical mill technology and equipment. The technology and equipment possess the characteristics of being used in different surface among hydraulic pressure, drum roller and grinding roller and being overhauled outside the machine. Being backed by detailed technology services of professional personnel of machinery technology, equipment and electric automation and seizing the advantages of a series of production specifications, it has been widely used in cement raw materials preparation system, which not only achieves the sound economic benefits for users but also promotes the application of powder grinding mill technology in our country.


powder grinding mill


As the dust concentration of powder grinding mill is as high as 500 g/m3, in order to ensure that the dust concentration of waste emissions meets the national standard, vertical mill system generally adopts the secondary dust collecting technology. When being put into use for a long time, the secondary dust collecting system is increasingly exposed the shortcomings. Firstly, it has complicated configuration and needs to take up too much area and space. Secondly, the first level dust removal equipment have serious wear, the air leakage of the system will get serious and cause lower yielding if the maintenance work has not been done well. Thirdly, the lifetime of main fan impeller will not sustain one year, which will be dynamic unstable, thus it not only increase the noise, but also make the system process parameter control difficult to be optimized and directly affect the efficient and stable operation of the system.


powder grinding mill


The development of the efficient dust collection technology greatly enhances the efficiency of dust collecting and ash removal. It can handle the problem when dust concentration has amounted to 1000 grams/cubic meter, which creates favorable conditions for powder grinding mill to develop the dust collecting technology in the first level.


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