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Kaolin Micro Powder Grinding Mill with High Fineness to Satisfy Market Demand

Source:clirikb Posted:2017-07-26

Kaolin has great application value in the industry. As a kind of non-mental ores with good quality, kaolin will welcome the more broad market prospect under the background of micro powder grinding mill market blazing. This equipment has employed hierarchy system, fineness are high, product particles are balanced, which has satisfied the market demand to the largest degree and the powder processing equipment.


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Nowadays, the output of global kaolin has reached to 40 million tons. Kaolin can be applied in paper making, rubber, chemicals, medicine and so on. In some advanced science and technology field, many countries start to use kaolin as brand new raw materials. Even more, high temperature resistance porcelain parts of atomic reactor, spaceship and so on.


Shanghai Clirik has launched professional kaolin micro powder grinding mill, which has combined multiple patent techniques, is the priority equipment to process kaolin, talc, calcite, calcium carbonate and dolomite. The micro powder grinding mill is in low energy-consumption and high efficiency, devoted to process 300-3000 mesh powder with good quality.


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