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Maintenance and performance characteristics of ultra fine powder grinding mill

Source:clirikb Posted:2017-04-17

Ultra fine powder grinding mill not only has a strong function, but also very convenient to use. However, as a need to be used frequently in the mining machinery, how to maintain ultra fine powder grinding mill, must be the vast number of superfine grinding machine users want to know.


Performance characteristics of ultra fine powder grinding mill


1 scope of application. Can be used in the hardness of the following 6 kinds of material grinding


2 under the action of high pressure springs, the fineness of the finished product is greatly improved


3 compared with airflow mill, the system energy consumption is low


4 less investments, high efficiency, fast recovery


5 from the system, the production process is less, 25mm the following materials can be directly into the machine


6 no pollution, dust removal effect is fully up to the national standard


7 roller devices sealing effect is good


ultra fine powder grinding mill


Maintenance of ultra fine powder grinding mill


1 ultra fine grinding of the main bearing of the center of the pump once every four classes, once a month to refuel bearings


2 ultra fine grinding bearing room temperature shall not exceed 70 degrees


3 ultra fine powder grinding mill in the replacement of the roll sleeve. Roller bearings and bearing room should be cleaned


4 ultra fine grinding bearings in the installation to ensure proper clearance



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