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Capacity of Stone Grind Machine is Up to 45T/H

Source:clirikb Posted:2017-02-14

With the development of industry, the demand for crusher equipment is increasing, improving the production efficiency of the mill is the industry's biggest problem. Customers after purchasing equipments often need an adaptation period, who needs technical staff to guide the installation. But they know less about equipment maintenance, production capacity later, let's talk about it today.

First of all, in the choice of materials, it's better to choose a uniform raw material after installation. And the speed of feeding need to be paid atttention. No metal can enter into the equipment, if there is entry, stop the operation of the machine to check.
Followed by the humidity of raw materials. Because Stone Micro Grinding Machine is very particular about the humidity of the material. In general, we choose raw materials with a certain proportion of water content. If it is more than this proportion, there will be material attached to the machine, resulting in reduced production efficiency of the equipment, but also plug the circulation duct, the analyzer machine discharge port; resulting in reduced production, even serious equipment damage.
Stone Grind Machine
In final, material must be the same kind of raw materials, can not be two different raw materials with different hardness at the same time. If it is within the scope of the bearing of equipment, it is ok. But if more than, it will affect the quality of their products.
In the absence of work, regular maintenance of the equipment is needed. In accordance with the instructions to operate, stop the equipment to rest after long working. This is the necessary way to maintain. With experience of many years, Shanghai Clirik has experienced the upgrading of equipment. In order to ensure the interests of the vast number of consumers, Clirik continue to work hard to get progress. Now capacity of Clirik Grinding Mill has been 45t/h, finest discharging size is up to 3000mesh. Welcome to Choose Grinding Mill.
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