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Powder Raw Material in Cosmetics Industry

Source:clirikb Posted:2016-11-14

Today's era is a new era of freedom and openness, women of new era as a darling of fashion, should enjoy the self-publicity. Women want to perfect show their beauty, cosmetics are essential, in which powder materials is also essential. Here is a brief introduction to a variety of powder materials in the application of cosmetics:


Talc: white fine crystalline powder, a good sense of lubrication and moderate adhesion, and have a higher degree of white, can be adjusted by adjusting the proportion of different particle size to formulate a variety of characteristics of the product. For women, it is perfect.


Mica powder: light gray scaly crystalline powder. Because of its molecular structure, it has a strong adhesion and moderate gloss and soft feeling, through special processing, can be made into synthetic mica, improving the whiteness of the makeup surface while improving the brightness and durability. In addition, the mica chip is an excellent cosmetic anti-UV agent, does not affect the permeability of the skin. So the skin is comfortable. Moisture can not penetrate the mica wafer, moisturizing products for the inhibition of skin moisture evaporation, the protective layer can delay the evaporation of water , To improve the skin's moisture.


Kaolin: white or light gray fine powder, high crystallinity regular hexagonal plate, low crystallinity was irregular plate-like material, the use of the characteristics of different with different particle size, kaolin has a strong Adsorption, mainly used for massage products, improve product friction and decontamination.


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Titanium Dioxide: Cosmetic grade titanium dioxide is divided into oily and water-based titanium dioxide. Because of its chemical stability, high refractive index, high opacity, high hiding power, good whiteness, and non-toxic, is widely used in the field of cosmetics, whitening effect from the beauty. Photochromic titanium dioxide: light yellow powder, tasteless, in the titanium dioxide to add the right amount of iron oxide pigment, and then surface treatment with silicon, can be different with the intensity of ultraviolet light presented the effect of different colors, so that makeup has become More natural sense of color.


Silica powder: it is devided into natural and synthetic. natural crystal products, also known as quartz, synthetic products are mostly amorphous structure. Currently on the market to use the synthetic mainly has a strong slip and oil absorption for a variety of sub-powder products, cream products can also be used as a tackifier and stabilizer.


They are mainly powder raw materials of cosmetics. With the growing popularity of cosmetics, safe and practical powder material is more welcomed by the market. This requires grinding mills which process these materials to go through continuous innovation and development. Wide use of Superfine grinding mill in cosmetics if from that.


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