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Tips for Mining Ball Mill Maintenance

Source:clirikb Posted:2016-10-11

As we all know, maintenance is very important for the equipment, mining ball mill as the key equipment which grind material, is suitablt for all kinds of ore and other materials. Because of the wide use of Ball Mill in mining indusry, in order to facilitate the better use of ball mill, Shanghai Clirik summed up ten tips for Mining Ball Mill Maintenance for your reference.


1.When ball mill is in operation, temperature rise of lubricating oil of the main bearing is less than 55 ℃.


2.all the lubricants should be all released after operation of mining ball mill for a month. Then it needs to be thoroughly cleaned and replaced by new oil.


3.lubrication on each lubrication shop and oil level shouild be checked at least once every 4 hours.


4.During the operation of mining ball mill, temperature rise of transmission bearing and reducer is less than 60 ℃.


5.the connection fasteners are without loosening, and there is no oil, no leakage, leakage ore phenomenon in the surface.


mining ball mill


6.when the wear of large gear wheel surface reaches a certain extent, it can be turned over to continue to use.


7.liner bolt should be replaced when it damages and results in loose liner.


8.grate plate of ball mill should be replaced when it can not be repaired.


9.when wear intensity of liner reaches 70% or 70mm, it should be replaced.


10.if there is abnormal condition, you should stop the mining ball mill to have maintenance.


In addition to the above-mentioned ten tips, experts suggest that the device should also be regularly repaired and overhauled to ensure the normal operation of your ball mill.

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