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Critical Speed of Ball Mill

Source:clirikb Posted:2016-10-08

Critical Speed of Ball Mill


For a ball mill, it does not have a constant critical speed, because of the centrifugalization of the steel balls is different according to different resistance and friction between ball loads. But the ball speed of centrifugalization is constant. When the critical speed of the ball mill also has a constant value, such as the grinding medium fill rate, liner type, the nature of the mill itself, the ball mill's critical speed also has a constant value. Theoretical critical speed formula of Ball Mill does not meet the actual situation of industrial ball mill, only as a comparison standard.




Effect of Critical Speed of Ball Mill


Critical Speed of Ball Mill has a direct impact on the movement of steel balls and coal and coal grinding process. If the rotational speed is very low, the steel ball and coal block is hard to be taken up, can be only in the lower part, and output of grinding coal is very small. If the speed is very high, centrifugal force on the ball and coal is greater than its gravity, ball and coal will rotate together with the cylinder, that is, it lost the role of grinding coal. The minimum speed at this occurs is called the critical speed.


The best rotational speed of the cylinder should make steel ball has the maximum lifting height in the cylinder. At this time the ball has the greatest impact, and the best coal grinding effect.
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